KSO Delhi apprises PM, ADC-SH member petitions CM

KPI, 15th Oct: Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO), Delhi and NCR apprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the present imbroglio over the historic Anglo-Kuki War Centenary Celebration in Manipur through a representation submitted to the PMO.
Through the representation submitted Monday, the KSO unit sought immediate intervention of the Prime Minister and withdrawal of order issued by the home department, Manipur against the centenary celebration of Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919.
The KSO also said that it was “the Government of India’s policy under your capable leadership to bring up many such tribal freedom movements into the mainstream history and commemoration, as highlighted in your speech during the 70th Independence Day celebration wherein you publicly proclaimed the necessity of recognising the contribution made by the people living in jungles, the tribal, in the freedom struggles, who proved through their sacrifice what is freedom, what is struggle against servitude and promised that that the GoI would work towards building permanent museums in various states dedicated to tribal brave freedom fighters so that coming generation would be able to digest about their sacrifices for the country”.
It further said that although the Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 was an epochal anti-colonial movement, the martyrs as well as the battle remained the victim of ethnic politics and as a result this most memorable historical episode has been now reduced to almost an insignificant event due to lack of state sponsorship and ethnically driven politics of remembering.
Meanwhile, ADC Sadar Hills member Thangkam Lupheng has written to chief minister N Biren Singh on the objection raised by some hill-based CSOs and ADC Ukhrul on Anglo-Kuki War centenary celebration and erection of stones to commemorate the event.
Lupheng, in his letter to the CM, said ADC Ukhrul has degraded itself by making inflammatory and communal statement which was totally against the spirit and principle of a statutory body like the Autonomous District Council (ADC) which should rather be a torch-bearer for peace and development and not of a communal discord.
Reacting to alleged unwanted and irrational objections being raised so far by some hill-based CSOs and ADC Ukhrul on Anglo-Kuki War centenary celebration and erection of stones to commemorate the event, the ADC Sadar Hills member said that the celebration is purely based on historical facts and circumstances, which cannot be suppressed by any forces on earth and any attempt made to distort the historic event is an act of disowning the history of Manipur. According to Lupheng, the Kuki warriors fought against the mighty British imperialists in defence of their respective villages and land under their jurisdiction and it was also a fight against imposition of British administration upon all Kuki areas. Therefore, is it not the fight against the colonial forces, a fight for defence of our ancestral land? he asked while maintaining that it is the duty and responsibility of every community to preserve and maintain the legacy of their forefathers. Likewise, the Kukis are duty-bound to acknowledge and pay homage to the bravery and valour of their forefathers in a befitting manner and it not directed or against any communities.
He also said that nothing sort of exaggeration, fabrication, distorting, etc. has been made in the celebration events since 2017 at Lonpi village in Chandel district and at Churachandpur in 2018 as historical facts cannot be distorted by mere whims and fancies.
He further asked if UNC and other Naga CSOs can openly celebrate the Naga Independence Day on 14th August every year (the day observed as Naga Independence Day by an outlawed UG group, NSCN-IM), as if they were given free hand to do what they think is right, is it violative on the part of the Kukis to inscribe the words ‘In defence of our ancestral land and freedom’ on the stones erected to mark the great historical events.
The ADC Sadar Hills member also pointed out that Kukis have equal rights to preserve and maintain their history, culture, custom and tradition, religious belief and they need to give due respect to other’s history and culture for harmonious and peaceful co-existence.
While urging the CM to note the objections raised by some Tangkhul CSOs and ADC Ukhrul as ‘an act of infringement on other’s rights and interests’ which will only sow the seed of mistrust and hatred amongst the communities living in the state, the ADC Sadar Hills member also appealed to the chief minister not to succumb to the pressure of the people who are hell-bent on disrupting the historic event.

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