Anglo-Kuki War centenary celebrated in New Delhi

IMPHAL, 13th Oct: Thousands of Kukis gathered at Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi to commemorate the centenary of Anglo-Kuki War 1917-19 under the joint aegis of Kuki Inpi, Delhi and NCR and Kuki Students’ Organisation, Delhi (KSOD) on Saturday.
The commemoration was attended by BJP Manipur Pradesh vice-president Benjamin Mate as chief guest and advisor to CM Rajat Sethi as special guest.
The first session of the event consisted of three football exhibition matches played by teams formed with the names of Anglo-Kuki War heroes or the battlefields.
Led by JNU assistant professor Dr Jangmang Guite, tributes were paid to the Anglo-Kuki War heroes in the form of singing together the Anglo-Kuki War anthem, silent commemoration, reading out the names of those who lost their lives in the battle field and in the prison cell, and all the Kuki chief war prisoners.
Advisor to CM Rajat Sethi said that the Anglo-Kuki war is the greatest resistance by the frontier tribe against colonial rule. Nobody else fought the British for more than two years, and though it very late, as suggested by one from the audience, war must be given proper recognition as a part of the larger fight to expel the British from India. When Subhash Chandra Bose took up arms to expel the colonial rulers, knowing the history of fierce resistance to British rule in the NE region, he entered India using that route, and with help of various communities of the NE, he unfurled the tricolour (national flag) at Moirang.
Benjamin Mate expressed his gratitude to Kukis living in Delhi for their support during the last election and noted his concern over the spiralling divisive force in Kuki society.
Emphasising on the need for leadership cutting across clan line, Benjamin called upon younger generations to stay away from being hostage of clannish irrationalism and instead look toward their forefathers who fought against the mighty British colonial forces as their role models. Stating that Anglo-Kuki War is an event which cannot be forgotten, he asserted: “It is too big to ignore, too long neglected”.

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