ANSAM for honourable, inclusive Naga solution

SENAPATI, 13th Oct: The second legislative assembly of All Naga Students' Association Manipur (ANSAM) has resolved to stand for an honourable and just political solution that is inclusive of all Nagas and their territories and with recognised Naga constitution and Naga flag.
The ANSAM assembly was hosted by Thangal Students’ Union (TAJ) in the backdrop of the "crucial time" of Indo-Naga political negotiation that is to end the longest armed conflict in South Asia. The assembly was attended by representatives of all Naga students’ unions from the state.
Besides other issues, the assembly deliberated on the current development of the political talks between Government of India and NSCN, which has captured most of media and public attention on the differing position with regards to separate Naga constitution and Naga national flag.
"ANSAM stands for peaceful negotiated political settlement which is mutually acceptable and honourable," ANSAM said in a statement while adding that it (ANSAM) represents the voice of Naga youth and students numbering more than four lakh currently residing in the state.
According to ANSAM, the fate of Naga youth is invariably tied to the outcome of the current political negotiation. Both the negotiating parties have enormous responsibility to let the youth inherit a peaceful and promising or a violent conflict future, it added.
The position taken by the Naga representatives in the political negotiation is the direct outcome of various public consultative meetings, which were participated by every traditional Naga body, civil society including the student body, it added.
It then urged all stakeholders to be mindful of such core and emotional issues with prudence while finalising the political talks.

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