Loktak dwellers urged to preserve lake

IMPHAL, 13th Oct: Loktak Day Celebration Committee organised the 24th Loktak Day celebration along with cultural performances at Komlakhong Chingthi on Sunday.
Speaking as the chief guest, CAF&PD minister Karam Shyam emphasised on the importance of saving the Loktak Lake from its dying eco-system due to various reasons and said that among the people of the state, the roles of those settled in and around the lake are tremendous.
The benefits of Loktak Lake to the economy of the people in the surrounding as well as the ecology of the state is immense. Apart from only taking benefits from the lake, people in and around the lake should take the responsibility of maintaining the eco-system of the lake. At the same time, people who settle on the banks of the rivers that flow into the lake should also understand the impact of the pollution they created in the rivers, which further affects the lake, and act accordingly to protect the lake. He then confided that he now accepts the old saying that Manipur is a land of God’s own creation after experiencing the beauties of the state. In almost every folk art of the state, the beauty of Loktak Lake is mentioned with great praises, he said while calling upon all to understand the importance of the lake and contribute in protecting it.
The minister also lauded Mayang Imphal MLA Kongkham Robindro for hosting the festival on his own without any assistance from the government and called upon the elected representatives of constituencies in the surrounding of Loktak Lake to take up such initiatives.
Deputy speaker MLA K Robindro, who presided over the function, said there are several factors which contribute to the degrading eco system of the lake. Deforestation at the origins of the rivers leads to siltation in the rivers and the lake. Encroachment in the surroundings of the lake and pollutants brought down by rivers are among the major reasons for the degradation of the lake. As such, there is strong need to address all such issues to protect the lake and revive its losing eco-system, he added. Tourism Corporation of Manipur Limited chairman MLA Dr Sapam Ranjan observed the impact of climate change felt in the state and said that people are now using light clothes even in mid-October. Some 10 to 20 years ago, people used to wear thick and woollen clothes in October. All these changes are the outcome of the war of human against nature, in which it is the living beings who will always suffer, he said and called upon all to work towards environment conservation and reverse the climate change.
Manipur Building and Construction Workers’ Welfare Board chairman MLA Heikham Dingo, social worker K Manglem and councillors & pradhans of the constituency also attended the programme.

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