Govt officials inspect Chibu stone inscription site

IMPHAL, 13th Oct: A team of government officials led by joint director (art & culture) K Dinamani inspected the ongoing development works being taken up at the historical Chibu stone inscription site at Tonjang village in Churachandpur district.
However, team leader K Dinamani was unsatisfied with the ongoing development work at the historical site.
According to K Dinamani, Chibu stone inscription was made during the reign of Maharaj Chandrakirti and Chibu means a place having salt deposits. Apart from having a salty pond, the site also has foot imprints of Maharaj Chandrakirti and British general Nathal marking their victory over Lushai chiefs apart from being a sacred site of Thangjing deity.
Being a historically important site, it is the responsibility of the state government and the public to preserve the site. However, the ongoing development works at the site do not suit history and affects the historic stone inscription while lack of antique value might be the reason for taking up the current works, he said, adding that the inspection was carried out as per instruction of chief minister N Biren Singh who wants to develop tourist spot in every district of the state.
More than 80 percent of state’s population are still unaware of the value of the inscribed stones and awareness on such structural remnants need to be enhanced for the sake of future generations, he said, while adding historical sites must be developed without any distortion.
Technical & promotion cell (Valley-1) executive engineer Meisnam Ranjit, who was part of the inspection team, however, pointed out that the development work at the historical site was taken up as per estimate approved by art and culture director and there is no question of personal interest in executing the project.

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