Naga bodies dub ‘Anglo-Kuki War’ tales ‘blatant lie’

IMPHAL, 13th Oct: Even as certain sections of the people are planning to organise commemoration of Anglo-Kuki War 1917-19 on October 17, Inpui Naga Union Manipur (INU-M), Liangmai Naga Council Manipur (LNC-M), Rongmei Naga Council Manipur (RNC-M) and Zeme Naga Council Manipur (ZNC-M) have claimed that Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 never happened in the history of Manipur or anywhere.
In a joint statement, the four Naga bodies called upon the people of the state to closely watch over “the sinister design hatched by Kuki brothers and their plan to commemorate the so called Anglo-Kuki War which never happened.”
The Naga bodies also called upon the state government and district authorities concerned to stop the commemoration, which they termed as a "blatant lie".
Cautioning that unwanted development may resurface any time in the hill areas of Manipur if such provocations are allowed to carry out in Naga ancestral areas, the Naga bodies categorically stated that the state government should be held responsible for any repercussion and undesirable consequences that may arise out of the issue.
While opposing the memorial stones planned for erection with the inscription “In defence of our ancestral land and freedom”, the joint statement pointed out that before 1917 there was no Kuki village established in Manipur, and that "Kukis are landless people in Manipur". The joint statement then alleged that in the hill areas in the present state of Manipur Kukis paid taxes to Nagas for tilling the lands of Nagas because Kukis were not the owners. "Therefore, the design of the so called commemoration of 'Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919' is highly provocative and objectionable because it is an attempt to claim ownership over Nagas’ ancestral land in Naga areas".
According to the Naga bodies, there is no "Anglo-Kuki War" in the history of Manipur. "There was Kuki Rebellion (1917-18) in the history. It started in December 1917 and was brought under control in November 1918, within a period of about one year," the joint statement said.
It then alleged that during the uprising, Kukis carried out attacks and killed civilians and burnt down houses in Naga villages. They killed 289 Nagas and four Meeteis while burning 34 Naga villages.
"They never attacked the British. Anglo-Kuki War is not only a blatant lie but an attempt to cheat and mislead the people and the posterity of Manipur by distorting the history ", the joint statement added.
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