Various CSOs condemn serial blasts in Moreh

IMPHAL, 12th Oct: Several CSOs have strongly condemned the incidents of continuous bomb blasts on October 5, 7 and 11 at multiple locations in Moreh, disrupting the peace and harmony and causing fear psychosis among the public, apart from affecting the economic activities in the border town severely.
Hill Tribal Council strongly decried the triple blasts which resulted in the infuriated public shutting down the business town.
In a release, the council stated that the blasts destroyed the peaceful atmosphere of the town and deserved to be condemned in the strongest term. The council also urged all those involved in the blasts not to repeat such unwanted activities in the future and warned that if such heinous incidents recur, the entire Moreh Town will be shut down indefinitely and the Government will be held responsible.
The Kuki Students’ Organisation-General Headquarters also condemned the bomb blast that rocked its Moreh office on Friday night and termed it as ‘despicable and cowardly act’.
It also urged the state government to act to avoid further incident which can aggravates the situation in the area.
KSO Information and Publicity secretary Khaiminlen Doungel said that the blast that occurred on the eve of the Anglo-Kuki War Centenary promotional concert at Moreh was a show of aggression by people with vested interest against the KSO and the people of Moreh.
He said that an indefinite shutdown has been imposed by the people of Moreh calling out for the arrest of those responsible for the blast.
He also pointed out that Saturday’s incident happened right under the nose of the 43 AR post which is just 50 feet away while adding that the security forces are blameworthy because ever since the deployment of 43 AR, Moreh has seen a lapse of security, and a misunderstanding with the public and the public of Moreh has now harboured a deep feeling of distrust on the 43 AR.
He further said that the bomb blast that happened at the venue the promotional concert made the incident uglier but KSO will not be cowed down by such dastardly act.
“Every community needs to understand that the Anglo-Kuki War was a war fought in defence of our common ancestral land and freedom. Our forefathers defended this land against the mighty British Empire for all the people of this land. It was an important war against colonialism and for the people of the realm. Everyone needs to understand this and respect it”, he added.
The students’ body also demanded that the state government constitutes an independent enquiry committee headed by a retired Justice including a public representative failing which state wide intense agitation will be launched.
Meetei Council Moreh also expressed strong condemnation of the triple blasts that caused unrest among the public and affected economic activity of the business town.
The Council deplored that the bomb explosions largely affected the normal life and trade activities in the border town. The atrocious act of even targeting the office of a students’ organisation - KSO is very unfortunate, it said and urged authorities concerned to apprehend those involved in the heinous crime and also to strengthen security measures to avoid such incidents from taking place in future.
Similarly, AMSU Tengnoupal district committee condemned the blasts and strongly deplored targeting of KSO office. In a release, AMSU Tengnoupal District Committee stated the incident of detonating explosives in crowded areas is condemnable in the highest degree. Moreover, targeting the office of a students’ organisation is seen as a heinous attempt to incite communal enmity among the numerous groups of people residing in peace and harmony in the area.

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