NSCN-IM reacts to Naga flag, Yehzabo comments

DIMAPUR, 12th Oct: Apropos Kaka D Iralu’s write up ‘On the question of a Naga flag and a Naga Yehzabo’ (Constitution) as appeared in local media on Saturday, NSCN-IM has maintained that the Naga flag and 'Yehzabo' are the two symbols which have guided the Naga political struggle throughout and it is also an accepted fact that no nations existed without these symbols.
Unfortunately, there are fools among the Naga leaders as mentioned by Kaka D Iralu, who proposed drafting Naga Yehzabo at this stage of Naga history, NSCN-IM said in a statement adding these are the same foolish Naga leaders who are talking with the Government of India (GoI) in the name of finding Indo-Naga political solution. These are the same leaders being used by the Government of India as ‘flexible tools, and who are coaxed’ to concentrate on economic packages, the outfit added.
On the question of Naga flag, NSCN-IM said that these foolish Naga leaders have exposed themselves for not knowing the root of Naga history that begins with the ‘God given’ flag. They have surrendered Naga flag so easily for fear of being reprimanded by the person they are talking to in the name of Indo-Naga political solution, NSCN-IIM added. It further said that these same Naga leaders are those who once signed a joint statement that goes like this -'Having reconciled on the basis of historical and political rights, the top Naga leaders have agreed that Nagas are one.
Therefore, in pursuance of this agreement, the following signatories have resolved in principle to work towards the formation of one Naga national government’.
Today, according to NSCN-IM, these same leaders have forgotten the Naga historical and political rights as reflected in the manner they handled Naga flag and 'Yehzabo'.
While appreciating Kaka D Iralu for pointing out the foolish proposition on drafting Yehzabo, NSCN-IM said Kaka should not confuse himself as if National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is demanding Naga flag and constitution from India.
It then said that these two symbols are inherent parts of the unique history of the Nagas as accepted by Government of India and thus we are simply saying to acknowledge that India honours Nagas' right to continue using our own flag and constitution.
According to NSCN-IM, Naga history without bias clearly shows that Naga National Council (NNC) gave a good beginning to Naga history by taking the right decision at the right time to save the Naga nation.
But, somewhere in the history down the line they committed blunder to lose their relevance to carry forward the Naga political burden, it alleged, while adding, it is, therefore, unbecoming of Kaka D Iralu to lecture on Naga political histor

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