Meetei Pangals advised to upkeep assigned surnames

IMPHAL, 12th Oct: Reaffirming the blood bond between Meeteis and Meetei Pangals in the state, titular king of Manipur Leisemba Sanajaoba has called upon Meetei Pangal community not to give up the surnames given to them by former kings.
He was speaking as chief guest at the 135th anniversary of Meetei Pangal settlement in Manipur organised by Meetei Pangal Eegi Khongul Liba Foundation Committee, Tarahei Konjil, Hiyangthang at Tarahei Konjil on Saturday.
Addressing the gathering, Leisemba said that the Meetei Pangal is different from the Muslims in other parts of the world. They are descendants of those Muslims, who entered Manipur during the reign of King Khagemba and got married to Meetei women. They have blood bond with the Meeteis.
There are several similarities between the two communities, their culture, tradition and costumes. The only difference is their religions as the then king honoured their religion and allowed them to continue their faith. However, unfortunate incidents crop up from time to time that threaten the blood bonding and historical relationship between the two communities but no forces will be able to separate them, he said.
Meetei Pangal community is also contributing on many issues of the state. Several women from the community also participated and mobilised in the historic Nupi Lal, he said while drawing attention of historians to find out missing information of history and give them befitting honour for their contribution.
He, however, expressed concern over the present trend of Meetei Pangal disassociating themselves from the surnames assigned to them and urged them not to give up but continue using them as these surnames signify their uniqueness from the rest of the Muslim communities of the world. Moreover, continuing the age old tradition will preserve the blood bonding between the two communities and will help in bringing unity and integrity, he said.
Like the Meetei Pangals, several Brahmins also entered Manipur in early times and the then kings assigned them surnames. 
They are still using those surnames and it signifies their uniqueness from the Brahmins of the rest of the country, he pointed out. As a native of the state, people of every community should have love and affection for the motherland, he said and added that they should strive towards building integrity among the communities. He also urged the Meetei Pangal community to uphold the unique traditions and culture.
Committee president Buyamayum Yaima Shah presided over the programme which was also attended by chief advisor of the committee Khullakpam SM Salim Shah and retired accountant of AAI Buyamayum MA Salam Shah as guests of honour. The titular king also unveiled a stone monument to commemorate settlement of Meetei Pangal at Tarahei Konjil. An exhibition of traditional items of Meetei Pangal was also organised as part of the event.
Later, the titular king laid foundation for Alhaj Kh Jaheruddin Memorial Community Hall in the village.

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