ASUK, NLFT call total shutdown in Manipur, Tripura on Oct 15

IMPHAL, 12th Oct: Alliance for Socialist Unity, Kangleipak (ASUK) and National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT) have jointly called a total shutdown in Manipur and Tripura on October 15 from 5am to 5pm in protest against merger of Manipur and Tripura to India.
Religious activities and emergency services, however, will be exempted from the purview of the total shutdown, a joint statement of ASUK and NLFT said and called upon people of both Manipur and Tripura to support the call with a view to take part in the cause of freedom.
In a joint statement, ASUK publicity committee convener S Mangal, said India has been occupying Kangleipak (Manipur) and Twipra (Tripura) since October 15, 1949 after the two infamous ‘Merger Agreements’ of 1949. The said merger agreements were signed under duress by two incompetent authorities of the two kingdoms. In case of Manipur, the king, who had already been reduced to the stature of a mere figurehead of the kingdom after the installation of a popularly elected legislature and government, and in case of Tripura, the queen regent, whose legitimacy had become questionable after the unilateral dissolution of the council of regency, the statement conveyed.
After 70 years of Indian occupation of the two princely states, it is now crystal clear that Indian rule has been proved to be a noose around our neck which is tightening ceaselessly and we have become demographically outnumbered or nearly outnumbered, politically marginalized and disintegrated, economically dependent and pauperized, socially disorganized and splintered, morally degenerated, bastardized and treacherous, and psychologically diffident and vacillating. National doom is staring at us viciously. Merger with India is the root-cause of all these national maladies. Then, why did our leadership decide to join India? This was done out of pure miscalculation. There were many indications of their unrealistic comprehension that the then dominion of India would become a loose confederation of states and provinces like British India, where every component entity enjoyed internal sovereignty. With this naïve idea in their minds, our leadership had been very complacent and failed to prepare for total independence beforehand. Correct assessment of the present situation, right grasp of the political and social evolutionary path and objective planning for a realistic future are the prerequisites for true progress of every society in every epoch, the joint statement said. “We face a gigantic challenge of Indian occupation, of which the ultimate objective is to create a harmonious Aryan Hindu nation out of the present mosaic of diverse nationalities and communities through cultural and ethnic assimilation of the minority communities by the majority Hindi speaking and Hindi knowing heartland Indians. This is nothing short of a bloodless genocide of the peripheral minority communities. Our response to this Indian colonial challenge is armed struggle for total national independence,” the joint statement said.
However, armed struggle cannot make progress due to a number of reasons: the primary reasons are the mistakes committed by us and the secondary reasons are factors which are beyond our control. One of the big mistakes on our part is our obsession with our glorious histories and subsequent failure to do a down-to-earth approach towards our movement. Being enamoured of our separate identities and uniqueness, we failed to chalk up a comprehensive strategy, political and military, of the entire WESEA region. We did nothing much more than paying lip service to the logical proposition of building up a holistic liberation movement of the entire region. Seventy years old history of freedom movements of WESEA region taught us a true lesson that a divided movement is a futile exercise. We believe that a united and consolidated movement can do miracles in pushing the movement forward. There is no realistic and pragmatic reason for us to achieve success by going separately, the joint statement added.

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