Naga flag, constitution are God-given: Samuel Risom

UKHRUL, 12th Oct: At a time when the Indo-Naga peace talk is caught in a gridlock over the matter of a separate flag and constitution, former NPF MLA Samuel Risom has said that the Naga national flag and constitution are God-given.
"Regardless of the current stalemate, Nagas are hopeful of an amicable settlement because Naga national flag and constitution are not a figment of Nagas' imagination but are God-given," the MLA stated while speaking at a Naga People's Front (NPF) get-together function held at Lungshang Kong (river) Saturday.
The get-together party, hosted by Ukhrul ADC member SP Mashunngam, drew a crowd of around 300 attendees, most of whom were NPF workers and well-wishers from 13-Shangshak DCC. Stating that no force could take the flag and constitution away from the Nagas, Risom testified that God revealed the same to a 12-year old Konyak girl through an extraordinary event back in 1972. "It was a divine miracle wherein God manifested a rainbow with three angels and a voice, saying 'This is the flag given to the Naga nation'," he related.
He then appealed to all Naga brethren not to be disheartened by the prevailing situation, and added that Nagas must anticipate the best without losing their hope until the final pact is signed, which can happen anytime soon.
In his speech, councillor SP Mashunngam said that unity is the only stepping stone to growth and progress. "We all want development in our village, society and Church. This could be fulfilled only when we have the same spirit of unity and cooperation," he stated, while adding the get-together party was one significant example.
Giving a broad hint that he is gearing to run for the next UADC elections due next year, Mashunngam called upon the attendees to exercise discernment in giving public mandate to any candidates keeping in view of the common good of the people.
He also disclosed that the get-together party was organised to convey his gratitude to the people of 13-Shangshak DCC for electing him to the council in the last election.
Meanwhile, adding grist to the mill of the event were well-known Tangkhul stand-up comedian Pakmi Mahongnao and popular pop singers Thangmeiso Shinglai and Manchung Shinglai. Pakmi gave the audience a stomach ache laughing with his perfect presence of mind and witty narratives of funny stories.
While Thangmeiso belted out his all-time hits like ‘Chot shunshun,’ ‘Tamda Leilakha', 'Huinahao' and others, Manchung mesmerised the gathering with her sensational tracks like 'Chakmimarao Chika', 'Samphang Khare Thang' , 'Thuikahai' and others. Different NPF units from Hungpung, Ramva, Shangshak and Shokvao villages under 13 Shangshak DCC attended the event which culminated with a mass feast.

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