India created deviously, princely states annexed: PREPAK-Pro -- III

IMPHAL, 11th Oct: According to Paliba, a new design of ‘Drug War, Opium War’ is being launched by the government of India in Manipur which allows some people to openly manufacture and sell drugs.
To ease apprehension of general public in this matter, some drug smugglers are being arrested while some manufacturing units were destroyed, he added.
One on side India is creating chaos among ethnic communities to promote disunity and conflict so that strength of indigenous people is weakened by drug related deaths while on the other hand India has been promoting influx of outsiders to Manipur through ‘Migration War Policy’ to dilute population of indigenous people. Though this policy is dangerous and nothing short of ethnic cleansing, state government does not have any law or Act to oppose such type of ‘Opium war, Migration War and Ethnic Cleansing’ policy. Even if state government attempts to have an effective law and Act to deal with this, the Centre will create many hindrances by exploding ‘ethnic and political’ bombs, Paliba said.
He also said that different strategies of Hindutva which could give long lasting influence of cultural invasion into the region are being rolled out and Hindi language is now being imposed on every community of India. This policy too is being openly supported by many local leaders.
While maintaining that the embedded foreign culture conflated into indigenous culture and traditions caused degeneration of our society, Paliba said that local leaders should make sincere effort and dedicate themselves to prevent the society from further degeneration.
On the right to national self-determination, Paliba said that the Government of India had ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) but wrongly defines Article 1 of ICCPR saying that Right to Self Determination must be applied only to the people under foreign domination and it must not be applied to any sovereign independent states or to a section of people or nation which is the essence of national integrity.
As Manipur was never a part of India, the question of disintegrating India due to independent Manipur does not arise and the remark that Manipur is not being colonized by India is being made by those who do not have any knowledge of the history of Manipur. It is natural for people to press the matter of self-determination as India annexed Manipur without any referendum. India loudly claims that right to self-determination of Manipur is incorporated by conducting election every five years but such elections cannot be considered as the willingness of people of Manipur to join India and safeguarding India’s territory jointly. Such election cannot be termed as Right to National Self-Determination, Paliba maintained.
Instead of protecting and conserving indigene culture, religion, economic and social infrastructures of Manipur, India forcibly pushed indigenous people of Manipur to Hindu domain and culture apart from trying to distort territorial integrity. This policy indeed is in violation of the Vienna Declaration of 1993 and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) treaty.
Frequent remarks made by Indian leaders recently have proved that Indian leaders wanted a homogenous identity for India with all people speaking Hindi language and have physical appearance of Aryan/Dravidian stock, Paliba said.
The Article 370 protects the rights and identity of Kashmiri people but it was abrogated on the false logic that it will hinder creation of a united India and Indian leaders would soon remove special provisions which empower the tribal people of North East to protect their identity and land. Hence, it is quite sure that minority ethnic people of North East will lose their identities as long as they live within India. If they want to live with dignity and protect identity, then there is no way other than to separate from India, the PREPAK-Pro chairman said, adding that people of the region should not live in pipe dream by expecting protection and goodness from Indian political liars and their Constitution.
While concluding his thought, Paliba reminded the people of Manipur that the best way to preserve our identity is to live as independent India and independent Manipur separately.

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