CorCom gives strike call on Oct 15 to protest ‘merger’

IMPHAL, 11th Oct: The proscribed Coordination Committee (CorCom), the conglomerate of underground groups operating in Manipur, has announced general strike on October 15 as part of the observance of ‘National Black Day’ against the merger of Manipur to the Indian Union.
According to a CorCom statement, the general strike effective from 6am to 6pm of October 15 will not cover movements related with medical, fire, media and religious activities. However, the outfit called for halting business, institutional services, vehicular movements, sports and entertainment activities on the day.
The CorCom statement issued by its publicity committee said that Manipur regained its independence from British and had its own Constitution and self-administration before India could have its own Constitution. Following the announcement made by king Bodhchandra on July 17, 1947 that Manipur Constitution Act, 1947 will come into force, universal adult franchise was held in August, 1948 and altogether 54 members were elected to form Manipur State Assembly. Apart from introducing the assembly on October 18, 1948, king Bodhchandra handed over administration of Manipur to the council of ministers led by chief minister.
Manipur’s sovereign status and uniqueness was clearly showcased with the opening of the Manipur State Assembly. However, king Bodhchandra was forced to sign ‘Manipur Merger Agreement’ on September 21, 1949 at Shillong after putting him under house arrest for three days by Indian leaders in the most undemocratic manner and without taking consent of the people. This agreement came into force from October 15, 1949. Thus, the once sovereign nation in South East Asia having long history with reign of successive kings was reduced to the level of a district and came under Indian dominion.
Ever since the signing of the agreement, people of Manipur oppose it and armed movement is being launched till date to regain the lost sovereign status. Accordingly, loud voice is being heard today in every nook and corner of Manipur that India forcibly merged Manipur and the merger was an annexation by holding public discussion on ‘Manipur Merger Agreement’. In every public discussion, people deliberated on Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947, International Laws and other related issues and unanimously take the resolution that ‘Manipur Merger Agreement’ was an ‘Annexation’ and it cannot be valid. Apart from this, numerous firm resolutions were taken to regain the lost sovereign status of Manipur, the CorCom statement said. According to the CorCom statement, India not only crushed self-administration and economy of Manipur for the past 70 years but also came up with different strategies to uproot culture and lifestyles of indigenous communities to completely assimilate them into India. In addition to this, India is making a final attempto uproot indigenous people by bringing in mainland Indians who have completely different identity, origin and culture to Manipur through ‘population invasion’ policy.
While maintaining that it is the bounden duty and responsibility of every indigenous community of Manipur to initiate steps to safeguard our identity from India’s multipronged subjugation policy, the CorCom said the ongoing armed liberation movement will decide on survival and death of indigenous communities.
The outfit then called upon people to support the ongoing liberation movement.

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