India created deviously, princely states annexed: PREPAK-Pro -- II

IMPHAL, 10th Oct: Continuing his message, PREPAK-Pro chairman Paliba said that Constitution defines India very briefly as Bharat but the undefined meaning and the hidden name of the nation baffles the common people.
However, Indian leaders are not confused and understand well the implication of Puranic Bharat or Akhand Bharat which had been concealed in the ‘Idea of India’. Though the country has two names, the supreme power lies under the ambit of the Centre while distorting the structure of ‘Union of States’ and federalism, the chairman noted.
On one side, Article 3 of Indian Constitution can distort states, Article 2 empowers India to achieve the ‘Puranic Bharat’ of expanded India on the other side, he said, adding that former PM Nehru’s attempt to implement his ‘Forward Policy’ by deploying Indian forces in frontlines and even beyond Indian territory to occupy additional land was to covertly achieve ‘Puranic Bharat’. However, India faced a humiliating defeat in the Indo-China war 1962 much due to unrealistic and wrongful foundation of the policy. Interestingly, Nehru himself did not follow ‘Forward Policy’ in relation to Manipur boundary.
Many European writers in the 19th century did not agree that India was a unified country but the British colonial power unified and created India as one nation. Though the sole objective of the British to occupy India was of economic interest only, India’s annexation of Manipur was aimed at establishing a battle-ground to extract natural resources by rooting out Manipur’s aged civilization. It would be worth mentioning here that the country which had no unified history and founded by British embarrassingly now produced two ‘Fathers’ of the nation namely Mahatma Gandhi and Narendra Modi, Paliba said, adding that US president Donald Trump has recently given title ‘Father of India’ to incumbent PM of India. We should not trust the political characters of India which has two fathers and a hidden name of the country, the PREPAK-Pro chairman added.
Presenting his thought on the present frangible Manipur, Paliba said there is not a single elected MLA, minister or chief minister whose memorial celebrations are being observed by the people to the level of comrade Irabot during the prolonged India rule. Indian leaders never respected those who believed in Indian polity as national leaders and this will never happen in future as well. Since living under Indian occupation, economic foundations for self-determination of Manipur have all been rooted out and mainland Indians have taken control of all means of livelihood by violating market norms and rules. Apart from awarding the people of Manipur the dependency syndrome by prolonged captivation, the long political and economic hostage under India has made the people of Manipur suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ which means sympathetic tendency toward their captors. This mind-degenerating syndrome is very dangerous and it has adverse effect in the long term.
According to Paliba, most elected representatives at present were once shameless income earners and they had collected huge amount of money by means of arresting and killing innocent people and through supply and contract works. As the number of elected leaders devoid of any political will and mental attitude that money can always win election is increasing, there are many proofs that these so called public leaders lack quality to develop the state. These self-styled public leaders will never be able to protect 2000 years old political, cultural, natural and human resources of Manipur from the clutches of India, Paliba maintained and asked if they could be able to fight against India to change the degraded political and economic status of Manipur. (To be continued)

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