Dr Lenin stresses timely intervention to prevent suicides

IMPHAL, 9th Oct: Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Psychiatry Department Head Prof Dr Rk Lenin has stated that timely intervention and providing necessary treatment to people with suicidal ideation would help prevent suicides.
Share And Care (SAC), Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal in collaboration with Community Health Centre (CHC), Wangoi organised observance of World Mental Health Week on the topic, ‘Life is Precious’, at the auditorium of the CHC on Wednesday.
Speaking at the occasion, Dr Rk Lenin informed that World Federation of Mental Health and World Health Organisation (WHO) from October 4 to 10 every year observe the World Mental Health Week. He then informed that the state would be observing the World Mental Health Day on Thursday on the theme of ‘Promotion of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention’.
Stating that around 20 persons attempt suicide every 40 seconds, of which at least person dies due to the extreme step, Dr Lenin said that around 8 lakh people die every year due to suicide. However, suicide could be prevented with timely intervention and treatment and as such, the observance is organised to spread mass awareness on the same. People with suicidal ideation often suffer from depression and stress, which are treatable, he maintained. Dr Lenin continued that majority of the suicidal people belong to the age group of 15 to 24 years, a period wherein the individuals face extreme pressure in the form of parental, peer and exam pressures. They are unable to rein in negative thoughts and often thought of committing suicide as a means of way out. Thus, parents and teachers should be understanding and give support to the youngsters by motivating and encouraging them. This would not only help them to perform better but also become capable, empathetic individuals, Dr Lenin contended.
In his speech as chief guest of the observance, Wangoi AC MLA and also MIDA vice chairman O Lukhoi remarked “We often do not consider mental health conditions in the same category as that of other diseases of the body. However, mental health is important and we must be aware that any condition/disorder related to it could be treated with timely intervention, as had been stated by experts.”
MLA Lukhoi also took the opportunity of highlighting various development projects being taken up at the CHC.
The observance was also attended by Wangoi SDO Nelson Yumnam and CHC MO i/c Dr N Sunil.

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