PREPAK celebrates 42nd Raising Day

IMPHAL, 9th Oct: The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) celebrated its 42nd Raising Day on Wednesday at different places in Manipur and outside together with people of both hills and valley.
According to a statement of the outfit, the celebration was held successfully at outfit’s General Head Quarters (GHQ), 701 Mobile Battalion, Tactical Head Quarters (THQ), Base areas, Transit camps and Training centres.
The celebration at GHQ was attended by acting chairman of the outfit as chief guest, Chief of Army Staff (CAS) as president and secretary (organisation) as guest of honour, the statement said, adding that the acting chairman released outfit’s journal Kangla Sempung Volume-55 Issue No. 5 after unfurling outfit’s seven-colour flag.
According to the PREPAK statement issued by its secretary-in-charge of Publicity and Propaganda LeibakNgakpa Luwang, the acting chairman recalled how PREPAK was formed and India annexed Kangleipak while addressing cadres at the celebration. He also deliberated on backwardness of Kangleipak in every sector in the contemporary period of competition though it had all the ingredients to become an independent nation and secure respectable position in the global society with excellence in sports, culture, religion and other sectors. The acting chairman also said that Kangleipak is now turned into a land flooded with contraband drugs, corruption and unemployment apart from being dependent on others for food. Women are backbone of development of Kanglei society but they are no longer honoured while indigenous communities are on the verge of loosing their identity as outsiders have firmly grasped administration of Kangleipak, the PREPAK statement said, quoting acting chairman’s address to cadres.
The acting chairman also dwelt about armed movement to regain lost freedom of Kanglei people and the need to sustain the movement till achieving goal and cautioned about attempt being made by India to completely uproot Kanglei people gradually, the statement said and extended outfit’s sincere thanks to all the revolutionary groups who extended greetings on the occasion and also to people of both hills and valley for making the raising day celebration a success.

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