Financial literacy prog held at Liyai Khullen

SENAPATI, 8th Oct: Manipur State Cooperative Bank (MSCB) Limited and ACCORDS under the aegis of NABARD organised a one day financial literacy programme at Liyai Khullen Youth Hall in Senapati district on Monday.
Addressing the gathering ACCORDS managing director MS Jerome highlighted the working relationship of NABARD, MSCB and ACCORDS in various parts of Senapati district for over three years which brought about many changes particularly in bank linkages, financial disciplines, savings & thrift and team work through Self Help Groups and Farmers’ Clubs.
Expressing hope that the newly promoted 15 women SHGs in Liyai Cluster will become growth engines for the district, he advised the women folks of Liyai Khullen Cluster to rise up and grab maximum opportunities from banks, line departments and NGOs to improve their socio economic conditions.
MSCB consultant Angoutombi lauded Liyai Khullen for its rich culture, tradition and scenic landscape which have high potential for tourism development and most of all for the hospitality and simplicity of the people. Stating that once MSCB makes an inroad into the village there will be no going back, he shared information on various facilities and services offered by the bank, NABARD and ACCORDS.
Expressing concern over the delay in opening MSCB Paomata Branch, he urged the local ADC member to take up the matter with the state authority particularly the chief minister for expediting the process. He also told the gathering that bank staff will be sent to the village for opening bank accounts and that a micro ATM will soon be installed in the village to mitigate the woes of the villagers in financial transactions.
He further assured that the newly promoted SHGs would be given bank loans within the next three months for viable economic activities. The SHGs can avail loans from banks without any collaterals or guarantors and subsidies on area based schemes under NABARD, he said.
He further assured that he will urge the CM to visit the village, which is the native place of his former football teammate late Salounii.
ADC member Thaikho Peter lauded the initiatives of MSCB, NABARD and ACCORDS and exhorted the villagers to cooperate and keenly participate in the programme taken up in the village in future. Stating that sacrifice, dedication and commitment have to be there to achieve results, he encouraged the women folks to work for self-reliance and wean away dependencies on others.
He also spoke on various other issues including alcohol addiction among men, negative impact of early marriages, cleanliness, sanitation, hygiene, reproductive health of women among others.
Over 100 women from Liyai Khullen, Liyai Khunou and Liyai Centre participated in the programme. Mention may be made here that A Tarcisius of ACCORDS and Neshi Helen of Zholoume SHG Federation had been stationed at Liyai Cluster for the past two days sharing the concept and practices of SHGs with the villagers.

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