Dr Manaoton rings alarm bell against dictatorship-like Modi Govt

IMPHAL, 8th Oct: A seminar on the topic, ‘Life and Philosophy of Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi’ was organised by Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Block Congress Committee at Indira Gandhi Memorial community hall, Mekola Bazar on Tuesday.
Speaking as chief guest of the seminar, PCC Member (Co-Opted) Dr Soraisam Manaoton said that the present Modi-led government is like a dictatorship that does not respect the Constitution and urged the people to remain vigilant against it. He continued that in a good government, everyone from the top to the bottom tries to do their duty without any fault or mistake. However, the present BJP-led central and state governments believe it is above the law, he remarked.
Although Gandhiji, who is called the ‘Father of the nation’ and ‘Man of the Millennium’ in the world for his non-violent struggle against British, malicious acts of smearing of grease and faeces on the statues of the Mahatma installed across the country are being carried out, which, in reality is BJP’s attempts to destroy his legacy, Manaoton claimed.
The PCC member continued that the new administration has been relentless in its attempts to vilify Gandhi while trying to pronounce Gandhi’s murderer Nathuram Godse as a national hero. Fortunately, many have protested against such attempts. Nonetheless, BJP has not stopped its tactics but is all the while indulging in good lip service on Gandhi.
Manaoton further said that the Modi-led BJP government firmly believes in the ‘One Nation One Culture’, wherein the thinking is that Hindu is the only culture that should exist. We must not forget the hidden agenda behind Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s announcement that everyone should speak Hindi. In addition, the government is trying to impose CAB, which excludes the Muslim community, despite the Mahatma’s instruction to improve the conditions of the minority communities, he added.
In his speech as the guest of honour, MPCC secretary administration Soibam Jeeten said that all the works, contributions and sacrifices made by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle are being discussed even after his death. He paved the way for small scale industries as an essential part of the Industrial revolution.
Jeeten continued that Gandhiji’s philosophy is about oneness and unity. On top of observing the National Cleanliness day on October 2, his birth anniversary has been declared as International Non-Violence Day by the UN. Thus, a weeklong seminar, lecture and painting competition had been organised as part of the observance, he conveyed. .
The MPCC secretary then stressed the need for analysing the present scenario in the society, while contending that only persons whose thinking reflect the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi should be elected as the representative of the people.
Presided over by Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Block Congress Committee president Sarangthem Chaoba, the seminar was attended by DCC Imphal West- II president Nameirakpam Nimai and IFCD retired EE Pukhrambam Ingocha as guests of honour.

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