PREPAK dissects ills afflicting Manipur, rues dependency syndrome-I

IMPHAL, 8th Oct: On the eve of its 42nd raising day which falls on October 9, the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has paid revolutionary homage to all those who laid down their lives in the revolutionary struggle to liberate Kangleipak from the clutches of colonialism.
On the occasion, the proscribed outfit also extended its revolutionary greetings to all indigenous people of Manipur who have been living together and facing brutal state repression and also to all the leaders and friends of other parties spearheading revolutionary movement in WESEA.
While conveying his heartiest greetings to people and revolutionary organisations of WESEA region, outfit’s acting chairman Kh Sathy also shared few thoughts for discussion and deliberation among public.
According to Sathy, issues and matters, with no conclusions at sight, have riddled Kangleipak and the suffering of the people of Kangleipak has reached its zenith now. At this crucial juncture, the party believes that it is the need of the hour to convey its concerns to the people of Kangleipak so that all of can contemplate and discuss them rigorously. The ultimate decision is for the people to make.
While maintaining that PREPAK has been waging national liberation movement to regain the lost independence of the people of Kangleipak and also for a progressive and egalitarian society for 42 years against expansionist India’s occupation of Kangleipak, Sathy deliberated on the core issues of contradiction between Kangleipak and India.
According to Sathy, many oppressed nationalities of the world regained their lost freedom after the Second World War and Kangleipak, which lost her freedom and became a British Protectorate after 1891 Anglo-Kanglei war, also regained her independence on August 14, 1947. With its own democratic constitution and national legislature, Kangleipak became an independent country. The democratic constitution of Kangleipak was established in 1947 and a national assembly was formed through democratic election on October 18, 1948. After Philippines, Kangleipak became the second Asian country where a democratic government was established through universal adult franchise.
Under the aegis of British colonialism, Hindustan, now called Bharat/India, was formed for the Hindus to spread the Hindu cultural hegemony. With this understanding, Muslim representatives and representatives from princely states were included in the constituent assembly. Junagadh, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Kangleipak, Goa and Sikkim were forced into Indian Union using military might violating all democratic rights of people of these territories. On September 21, 1949, violating all international norms and treaties, India called the namesake king Bodhchandra to Shillong and forced him to sign the Merger Agreement under duress while putting him under house arrest. In this manner, the independence of Manipur was snatched away at the gun point of Assam Rifles platoons.
India forced king Bodhchandra, violating the provisions of Manipur Constitution Act (MCA) 1947 and Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VLCT), 1969, also known as ‘treaty on treaties,’ which rendered him powerless and with no authority on the matter, to sign the merger agreement at gun point. This so-called agreement was rejected at the sitting of Manipur Assembly held at Johnstone School on September 28, 1949. Different organisations and educated youth of Manipur at that time voiced their opposition against this savage act of India. This tragic event was reported in newspapers and magazines of Kangleipak and in the international media of that time, Sathy recalled. Sathy further said that Kangleipak has become a battle ground and a graveyard for her sons today. All these are the results of Hindustan’s occupation of Kangleipak. Though people of Kangleipak have all the characteristic of an independent people in terms of culture, sports and religion, we never had the opportunity to express our identity in front of the world. Instead, our society is degrading now. Today, our society is flooded with drugs; it has deviated from the path of progress and is infested with corruption. Our Kanglei society has now no respect for its women, completely dependent for necessary commodities on outsiders, our politics is controlled by foreigners, the youth of this society have no employment and we are losing our indigenous culture. Kanglei people’s revolutionary army is engaged in an armed struggle against the occupational forces of India to regain the lost independence of Kangleipak at this juncture. Now, Kangleipak has become a place where incidents of human rights violation are rampant. The contradiction between India and Kangleipak has claimed lives of many including women and children.

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