Politicians should keep their words: Minister Shyam

IMPHAL, 6th Oct: CAF & PD minister Karam Shyam, who is also the MLA of Langthabal assembly constituency, inaugurated four waiting sheds constructed under the MLA Local Area Development Fund (LADF) at Langthabal Khoupum on Sunday.
He also handed over Rs 75 lakh from LADF to a committee representing people of 11 polling stations for taking up further developmental works in the constituency.
With reference to report of alleged malpractices by LPG distributors, the minister while commenting on the drive initiated by AIMS with regard to supply of expired cylinders, broken weight measurement machines, etc., informed that a joint team of director of CAF & PD and Deputy General Manager of IOC have been instructed to conduct spot verification on Sunday and initiate action against anyone found violating the norms. In addition, if any wrong allegations have been made, a proper clarification should be made via media. The team has also been instructed to submit a report by Sunday evening , the minister said and contended that he would honour all reasonable complaints at all times as a responsible elected representative of the people.
Speaking at the occasion of handing over the LADF at the community hall of Chajing Mairenkhong, Shyam highlighted that the most important qualities politician should possess are sticking to their words and maintaining transparency in every work. He then said that the LADF funds are distributed to show not only to the people of Langthabal but also to the entire state that they are being provided with their entitled benefits 100 percent without fail. The second round of distribution of LADF would soon follow, he added.
He recalled that since becoming an MLA in 2012, he had ensured that the people received their entitled PDS items for the last 7 years, apart from handing over the LADF to the people through the committees formed to oversee development in the respective polling stations. Recounting that even before becoming an MLA, he donated money to the needy sections of the society every Tuesday, apart from donating tin roofing sheets and constructing 50 houses in Langthabal AC since 2017 with a cost of around Rs 1.50 lakh. “It is the natural duty of an elected representative to share the burden of the people and extend assistance wherever possible”, he contended.
The minister that said that distribution of the LADF for Lanthabal AC is done by forming a Central Committee. However, in accordance to a bank notification informing that 2 percent would be deducted on any transaction of Rs 2 crore in a year, the fund would be transferred via bank account so as to save additional expenditures. Thus, he urged the LADF beneficiary committees to open bank accounts at Urban Co-operative Bank, Singjamei.
He then appreciated certain committees for carrying out good works after receiving the LADF and urged others to do the same so as to prevent occurrence of any issues.
Contending that the political trend of indulging in self-interest instead of public service would not help Manipur to progress, Shyam urged all concerned to fulfil their responsibilities sincerely.
Elected members should set an example for future representatives in terms of exemplary public service. “The changes we see now are result of ongoing changes in politics and as such, the people should be aware of the changes since it would affect them in one way or the other,” he remarked.

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