Celebrate Ningol Chakkouba on Oct 29: KCB

IMPHAL, 5th Oct: Kangleipak Calendar Board (KCB) vice president Dr Moirangthem Surjit has urged the people to celebrate Ningol Chakkouba on October 29, which is the second day of the new moon in the month of Hiyangei (Oct-Nov).
Addressing a press meet held at KCB’s office here Saturday, Dr Surjit said that the Board has been providing a scientifically based calendar to the people every year without fail. He continued that the Ningol Chakkouba festival for this year falls on October 29 as per the scientific calendar and urged the people to celebrate the festival on the said date. October 30 is the third day of the Hiyangei month and hence, the festival cannot be celebrated on that day, he asserted.
Dr Surjit explained that both the first and second day of Hiyangei fall on October 29. However, the duration of the first day ends in early morning at 6 hours, 13 minute and 1 second, after which the second day begins. As such, Ningol Chakkouba festival could be celebrated on October 29, he added.
He further said that the duration of the second day continues till the early hours of October 30 as it ends at 3 hours, 47 minutes and 39 seconds, after which the third day of the Hiyangei month begins. Thus, the festival cannot be celebrated on October 30, he stated.
Stating that the error was carried in calendars that were not registered with KCB, Dr Surjit urged the people not to purchase calendars that not registered or approved with/by KCB. He then pointed out that both the diary of the Manipur Government and calendar produced by DIPR have marked October 30 as Ningol Chakkouba festival. However, the Directorate of Environment has indicated the correct date of October 29 in its calendar. As such, he urged all concerned to publish only the scientifically based calendars.

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