Steps taken to rein in rogue Secretariat employees

IMPHAL, 5th Oct: Taking serious note of irregular attendance by staffers of the Secretariat, which is the backbone of the state administration, Chief Secretary Dr J Suresh Babu has instructed all secretaries concerned to appoint a joint secretary or deputy secretary as nodal officers in each department to check the attendances of the employees.
According to an office memorandum issued by the chief secretary on Saturday, despite repeated warnings to Secretariat employees to come to office in time, many continue to report late while some are absent from the office during work hours without proper reason. As such, employees are to be present at their respective offices by 9.30 am and cannot leave until the end of the office hours.
Thus, to prevent such discrepancies in attendances, administrative secretaries have been instructed to appoint a joint secretary or deputy secretary as nodal officers in each office section to check if the employees are adhering to the prescribed office timings or not.
Furthermore, the GAD is to initiate measures to check the entry and exit of employees during office timing at each gate of the Secretariat. Visitors should not be allowed entry after office hours, the order conveyed. It may be mentioned that CM Biren had conducted a surprise visit at the Secretariat on September 21, wherein 223 employees were found absent on checking the attendance records. The absentee employees did not give any reason for taking leave or for not coming to the office. The matter was taken seriously and the CM had instructed Dr Suresh Babu to take up strict disciplinary action against the defaulting employees.
Subsequently, the CS announced that a day’s pay was to be deducted from the salary of the 223 absentee employees, apart from giving them casual leave. As per the order, DDOs of the GAD concerned were instructed to deduct a day’s pay from the salaries of the said employees.

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