Licypriya bestowed with “Rising Star” title

IMPHAL, 3rd Oct: Young climate activist from Manipur Licypriya Kangujam has been named as the “Rising Star” by Earth Day Network on Wednesday. She received the honour in recognition of her excellent work rendered for a cleaner, greener and less polluted Earth on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi which is celebrated as International Non-Violence Day, 2019.
“As is evident, your efforts have a tremendous positive impact on Earth and are indeed shining examples for all to follow – not just youth, but adults as well”, said a letter sent to Licypriya by Earth Day Network Headquarters based in Washington DC, USA.
The letter also mentioned, “Earth Day Network looks forward to continuing our association with you to work for the good of our common heritage, Earth. Congratulations once again, and thank you, not just from the team at Earth Day Network, but all of humanity, for the work you do.”
Licypriya said, “Today, I received this honour on my 8th birthday anniversary. This is the best gift I have ever received and also I never expected such great global organisation will recognise my works I’m doing in a small way with the small capacity I have”.
“I would like to thank all global advisors of Earth Day Network, Team Earth Day Network Headquarters, and South Asia & India Office for nominating my name for this great honour. I would like to dedicate this to all my fellow climate activist friends across the globe”, she added.
Licypriya is the first person who has received such special recognition in the world in a very young age from Earth Day Network. The young girl is demanding to enact a climate law since July 2018 in India and all the countries of the world to fight the global climate crisis by action. She is leading various environmental action oriented campaigns in India and various parts of the world at the age of 7-year-old with her Child Movement.
She further said, ‘I am going to file a petition soon in the Supreme Court to provide good clean air. I am finding difficult to breathe the air now as I don’t know what chemicals are on it”.
“I will also file a petition in Hyderabad High Court soon against the extraction of uranium by killing Nallamara Forest. We have many things to do”, she added.
Earth Day Network is the world’s largest environmental movement to diversify, educate and activate the environmental issues worldwide. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated across the world on April 22 under the Earth Day Network to demonstrate support for environmental protection in more than 193 countries with over 1 billion people participating since 1970.
It may be mentioned here that on Earth Day 2016, the landmark Paris Agreement was signed by United States, China, and some 120 other countries. This signing satisfied a key requirement for the entry into force of the historic draft climate protection treaty adopted by consensus of the 195 nations present at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Recently, Licypriya was also featured by United Nations Headquarters during the UN General Assembly 2019 amongst the seven other young climate activists of the world, including Greta Thunberg of Sweden in “Fighting for a Stolen Future”. She is currently working as Child Ambassador in International Youth Committee.

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