MPP, CPI state stand on CAB, Naga issue

IMPHAL, 3rd Oct: Manipur People’s Party (MPP) and Communist Party of India (CPI) have expressed vehement opposition against the Union government’s move to enact and implement Citizenship Amendment Bill.
MPP president Oinam Jugindro contended that forceful imposition of CAB in the state despite the protests staged by MANPAC and NEFIT, is bound to lead to demands for reverting the state to its pre-merger status.
Addressing a press meet at MPP office near Pologround here Thursday, Jugindro extended support to the protests being staged against CAB, and said that it is against the constitution of the party.
He also recalled that MPP had submitted a memorandum to the PM in this regard. In response, the Bill lapsed in the parliament.
However, with return for a second term, the NDA government’s stand to impose CAB, as stated by Union Home minister Amit Shah, is disrespectful to the people of northeast states. As such, it is only natural for the people to demand that the state be reverted to its pre-merger status as an independent kingdom, he contended. Furthermore, it would be wrong of the central and state government to disregard Thursday’s protests. Both BJP and Congress party are practicing politics for their own self-interests. As such, the elected MLAs of the state should keep in mind the sentiments of the people. Thus, time has come for the people of the north eastern states to unite and fend off any attempt of the centre in this regard, the MPP president said.
Pointing out that the Naga Peace Talk began under governments of the BJP and the Congress party, Jugindro said that the contents of the Framework Agreement have not been disclosed till date. He then contended that there cannot a separate flag and constitution just for a single community, while rejecting the notion of a state within a state. It would be best for a religion based party like BJP to disappear from the state, he remarked. Meanwhile, CPI National executive member Dr M Nara has contended that forceful imposition of CAB in the state against the wishes of the people would not lead to a good outcome.
He was responding to newspersons after the culmination of the 13th Remembrance Day of Dr K Binod Kumar Singh observed in connection with the latter’s 82nd Birth Anniversary at MDU Hall here Thursday.
Dr Nara said that the BJP-led state government would continue to do the things that would affect the sentiments of the people.
He recalled that before the election, BJP declared that it would impose CAB, against which the people protested. However, during the elections, many proceeded to give their vote to the representatives of the party supporting CAB.
Remarking that BJP had already made its intentions clear regarding J&K and the north-eastern region, Dr Nara said that CAB and Naga accord issues are nothing new to the people. People need to remain vigilant at all times, especially with the government’s negative attitude towards their sentiments. Imposition of CAB would not yield any good outcome for the state or the region, he contended.
Amidst this, members of the State Legislative Assembly are not united in their stand. The state BJP government is also facing an internal tussle amongst its leaders. Such opportunity-based politics is not good for the state and would be considered as an era of bad politics in the political history of the state, he stated.
Dr Nara then urged for all concerned to take up the responsibility and guide the people in this confusing time, adding that what the people want is a true people-oriented government. However, it would be difficult to change the present direction of the state government in this ongoing situation, he maintained.

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