Saikot hosts 2nd Sizo Festival

CCPUR, 28th Sep: Sizo Festival Organising Committee in collaboration with Hmar Youth Association (HYA), Saikot branch organised the 2nd Sizo Festival, 2019 from 11.30 am on Saturday at Saikot SDO office complex.
SDO Saikot Alfred J Khaute was chief guest of the event while HYA general secretary Laldawmlien Varte attended as functional president of the opening session of the festival of the Hmar community.
Attending the festival, professor Laldena mooted the idea of organising Sizo Festival every year.
The festival was organised based on one of the most commonly grown species on earth particularly in the Himalayan forest and known to the Hmar tribe as 'Sizo'. This plant has been a culinary item for Hmar community since time immemorial. Sizo occupies a very important place among the community and the community uses it in dishes of various tastes and styles of preparation, most popularly with meat.

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