Heart diseases among youth increasing: Dr Kala

IMPHAL, 28th Sep: With prevalence of heart diseases among the youth increasing day by day, India is experiencing an epidemic level proportion in terms of death related with heart diseases.
With 17.9 million people dying every year due to heart conditions, cardiovascular diseases are considered the deadliest diseases globally as they surpass the number of deaths caused by HIV-AIDS, TB, cancer, malaria and diabetes. Of the total deaths every year caused by heart diseases, 80 per cent of the casualties occur in under-developed or developing countries. With 12 to 15 patients out of every 100 patients in hospitals suffering from heart diseases and 34 per cent of patients with heart conditions resulting in death, India is among the top countries in terms of heart diseases prevalence.
In order to create global awareness on maintaining healthy heart and promoting healthy lifestyles, World Heart Day is observed across the globe on September 29 every year under different themes. This year, the day will be observed under the theme ‘My heart – your heart’. The state will also join the global community in observing the day on Sunday.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle, Manipur Heart Care Society president Dr Kshetrimayum Kala urged the people of the state to cultivate healthy lifestyle and live at least 100 years with healthy hearts.
Smoking, high blood pressure, consuming unhealthy foods, lack of physical activities, chronic diseases, diabetes, stress, depression, anxiety and obesity are some conditions that lead to heart diseases and one should give up bad habits and lifestyles that may affect health of their hearts.
Social issues as well as private matters that affects the wellbeing of individuals are also major contributors of heart diseases, he said.
Among women, smoking and using oral contraceptive pills can increase the chances of getting heart diseases by 20 per cent. Pregnant women consuming alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants including cigarette also increase the chances of affecting the heart condition of the babies in the wombs, cautioned Dr Kala.
He further said that the World Heart Day could be observed by incorporating various activities including health check-up, exercise, discussion, interaction, health mela among others.

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