NMPO accuses Govt of backing encroachers

IMPHAL, 26th Sep: Reacting to the government of Manipur’s assertion that those involved in dismantling of illegal houses and structures that were constructed after encroaching into Maram ancestral land near Marek-Karii (Stream) on September 17 would be booked and penalised, Northern Maram People’s Organisation (NMPO) denounced the approach of the state government as prejudice.
In a press statement, NMPO re-iterated that the incident was outcome of its People’s Convention to evict illegal encroachers from its land. In a people’s movement there cannot be, as falsely implicated, culprits or miscreants tag given to individuals. NMPO questioned if the state government is only awaken to this ‘specific’ September 17 incident alone, but remains dormant and passive to incidents of March 13, 2013 and June 23, 2014, in which innocent villagers of Naojai village were attacked by over 100 Makhan volunteers dressed in camouflage and armed with sophisticated weapons, ransacked houses including Church of the village, and inflicting bullet injuries on two villagers.
“Where are the miscreants of 2013 and 2014, even after providing the evidence by handing over the ‘cartridges’ to SDO concerned and police officials immediately after their spot visit to the village. Is any action being taken to deliver justice to these victims?” it asked.
The statement opined that the present government seems to have succumbed to pressure exerted by certain group by overlooking the ‘merits’ and the ‘causes’ that naturally compelled the September 17 incident.
By resorting to this tactics, does the present government intends to remind the Maram people, that N Kayisii who hails from Golai/Makhan Khuman, who is responsible for the illegal structures at the dismantled site is a Cabinet Minister, it alleged.
It further pointed out that though minister Kaisyii was sent as the government emissary to take stock of situation in the aftermath of the September 17 incident, he had chosen to be one-sided and communal after cancelling at the last moment his scheduled meeting with NMPO leaders and village elders on September 19 morning.
Further, it was publicly learnt, he had chosen to instruct the District Administration not to impose 144 CrPC at the site of the incident, but rather encourage Makhan Khuman/Golai individuals to re-build the illegal structures again after the September 17 incident, it said.
NMPO contended that the government succumbing to the pressure of one group and attempt to book those involved in the September 17 incident is just shallow reasoning, which will only add fuel to the fire instead of seeing the volatile situation with rationality and logic.
If the Golai/Makhan Khuman residents continue to choose such tactics as their approach to the present matter and continue to take advantage of machinery of state government through the position of minister N Kaisyii, then NMPO shall be compelled once again to open the old wounds and restart levying annual tenant taxes from Golai/Makhan Khuman which they had stopped since 1988, due to their allegation to Assam Riffles posted at Maram then, that the proceeds collected from them goes to underground groups.
Such false inputs had led to torture and physical assaults of Maram elders then, it mentioned.
The statement made it clear that NMPO shall not be held responsible for any eventuality arising out of non-compliance from paying their tenant taxes that may lead to further untoward incident.

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