Dr Ranjan urges for cancer institute in state

IMPHAL, 26th Sep: Member of Parliament (MP) from Manipur Dr RK Ranjan has proposed to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology and Forest to set up a Nuclear Medicine facility and Gamma Radiation Chamber at Imphal to reduce expense of cancer treatment in Manipur.
In a release issued by office of the Lok Sabha MP of Inner Manipur constituency, it is informed that the proposal by Dr Ranjan was made on the second day of the meeting of the newly constituted committee chaired by Jairam Ramesh who is the chairman of the panel comprising nine MPs from Rajya Sabha and 31 MPs from Lok Sabha.
The release conveyed that the MP of Manipur made the proposal of establishing a state-of-the-art cancer institute in the state to address the hardship associated with the treatment of the disease which usually involves high medical and travel expenses as institutes in the state do not have the facility to carry out effective treatment and people have to travel to other states to receive treatment.
The release also highlighted that the MP expressed the desires to set up a Nuclear Reactor in Meghalaya, which is the third largest producer of Uranium in the country. Moreover, the MP shared the vision to expand Manipur Central University to more atomic based Academic Research to increase the awareness of students and researchers of the state on Nuclear energy in power generation and other applications.
Dr Ranjan also stressed on the importance of establishing Seismological Observatory points in Manipur University and set up a permanent institution to bring all Seismology related activities under one umbrella as the region falls under high seismic zone.
He further called upon the committee for special care of the northeast with the explanation that as the region is highly prone to landslide especially in Manipur and Nagaland sector, a system of monitoring mass land movement is necessary. The MP also pointed out the need to install river flood warning system in micro climatic zone to avert damage from natural calamities.

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