Politicians, media part of a larger conspiracy: Chaoren

IMPHAL, 24th Sep : On the occasion of 41st Raising Day of its armed wing People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which falls on September 25, the proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has extended revolutionary salute to all the martyrs who laid down their previous lives for the cause of Manipur’s revolutionary movement.
RPF president Irengbam Chaoren conveyed his deepest respects to all the compatriots on the occasion and also sends out a message to the people.
In his message, Chaoren said that freedom, democracy and development are inter-connected pillars of a society and a society will be peaceful, progressive and respected only when these pillars are healthy. However, such social conditions remain elusive in Manipur because of the meaningless freedom, pseudo-democratic government and cosmetic development. “If we study the degenerated conditions of Manipuri society during the past 70 years since Manipur was annexed by India, it is highly questionable how long Manipuri society will survive. Hence, the present generation must explore an answer to this question otherwise Manipur society will sink in a sea of foreign elements and nobody will believe Manipur once existed as a distinctive, glorious nation for several centuries,” he observed.
The situation demands intensified revolutionary activities but the vast majority of people of Manipur have set their eyes only on individual prosperity or self-aggrandisement without sparing a single thought about what would be the future of Manipur.
It appears that a large number of Manipur people have been leashed by politicians who are more happy to live under the shadow and blessings of their political bosses sitting at Delhi. But many patriots convinced themselves Manipur can never prosper under Indian administration and built a revolutionary movement. They soon started an armed freedom movement to free Manipur from the colonial yoke and establish self-rule. It is this revolutionary movement which has been somehow keeping alive Manipur people’s spirit for freedom in the face of India’s persistent attempts to destroy it completely and for good.
However, local politicians who have the audacity to assume the freedom of India as Manipur’s freedom have been unleashing all kinds of repressive measures against freedom-loving people to supress the revolutionary movement in connivance with Government of India. They (local politicians) have been mobilising people to work against revolutionaries, sponsoring protest demonstrations against the revolutionary movement apart from enlisting agents/mercenaries who selectively target supporters of the revolutionary movement.
Moreover, local politicians have been creating pseudo revolutionaries with a nefarious intention to impede the revolutionary movement and project the revolutionary groups in wrong light by blaming the genuine revolutionary groups for all the anti-social and criminal activities carried out by the pseudo revolutionaries. Some people and intellectuals who work in media houses and/or take part in analysing news and events at electronic media houses have been misinforming the public about the revolutionary movement thereby helping create confusions as part of a larger conspiracy.
In spite of these facts and realities, an armed campaign has been paving way for the revolutionary movement in Manipur. But nobody wants war. Yet, India’s political and defence arrangements which are all aimed at keeping Manipur under their suppressive rule permanently vividly testify that there is no means other than war to win back our freedom. As indicated by the revolutionary groups’ conviction to carry on the armed campaign as an inseparable tool of the revolutionary movement despite extreme repressive measures unleashed by India including third degree torture and extrajudicial executions, a big conflict will certainly unfold between Manipur and India. It is only natural for the people of Manipur to join either of the two parties in conflict. It is crucial for the people of Manipur to support the revolutionary movement and prepare collectively for a decisive war for it is this revolutionary movement which will take Manipur on a path of freedom and prosperity, Chaoren said.
While maintaining that people of Manipur must have the determination to lead their future in right direction even though they could not rectify the past, Chaoren said “what we are and what we do today are chapters of history for the future. If we don’t have the determination to lead our future in the right direction, we will continue to walk on the wrongful path of history and we will continue to lead a life of self-deceit.”
One wrong step in history transformed Manipur as a colonised nation. If we cannot embark upon a new journey of freedom and open a new chapter of history, future generations would identify us as cowards who could not perform our duties and obligations. We should not overlook the fact that the way we are living today is not the way people of Manipur should live.
The idea that all men and women must live meaningfully with freedom is a priceless legacy left behind by our forefathers who never bothered to sacrifice even their own lives to safeguard the independence of Manipur. It is this ideal which Manipuri people should live by, Chaoren observed in his message. (To be continued)

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