Ukhrul police bare facts on missing cases

UKHRUL, 24th Sep: Against the backdrop of a series of missing person reports creating panicky situation across the district, Ukhrul District Police Department has come up with the ground realities surrounding the incidents, appealing to the public to exercise caution in tackling such situations.
“Within this current month (September), Ukhrul Police received as many as five reports about missing of four children and a woman in separate incidences. The same reports were also found widely circulated on social media”, Ukhrul SP Worngam Ningshen told newspersons in his office chamber on Tuesday.
Disclosing that the police have finally unearthed the realities of the cases, the police officer said that following a chain of thorough investigations in each of the incidents, it was established that the kids (boys) who were in the age group of 13-16 years, had voluntarily run away from their parental houses, while the woman left her marital home after being lured with promises of money and gadgets. “In light of these incidents, we appeal to the public, especially parents and guardians to be attentive and take proper care of their children. We also request the public that in case of missing of a person it should be immediately reported to the police station”, Ningshen said.
In the same vein, he also urged the people to exercise caution and not post unverified information regarding such incidences on social media, which only created unfounded apprehension among the general public.
In the recent cases, the missing persons had been handed over to their respective families soon after they were traced, he continued, while attributing it to the concerted efforts made by the district police, family members and civil society of the district. It is learnt that while reporting to the police was being delayed, many had taken to social media to alert the public about the suspected missing incidents, which turned out to be false alarm.

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