Tarpan tribute paid to canal developers

KAKCHING, 22nd Sep: As a part of the ongoing tarpan rituals, members of the Kakching-based History Society and Ithei Committee offered floral tributes at two different places near Pallel in remembrance of those elders of Kakching who played a pivotal role in the development of Ithei Maru Dam and Kakching Ithei.
The tribute events were organised on Sunday morning in honour of the elders’ contributions towards creating irrigation networks that had been ensuring sustain agricultural practices in and around Kakching.
The source of the irrigation water is Loushipat (lake).
The rituals were performed at a spot known as Kakching Ithei Maru dam which is about 12 km from Kakching and northeast of Pallel town, and at Ching Kakpham. The latter spot is located about 10 km from Kakching.
It is said that the 14-km long natural canal system has been in operation since 400 years back with its existence ensuring that the Kakching farmers reap sufficient harvest for ages. After the tribute events, a public meeting was convened at Kakching Makha Leikai Khullakpam Madop during which History Society secretary Pukhrambam Rajendra and Kakching Ithei Committee secretary Yengkhom Joykumar recounted tales about the forefathers’ toil in developing the canal system.

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