Family smells rate over JAC adopting ‘murder’ label

IMPHAL, 16th Sep: While asserting that the school authority really wants Babysana’s death case to be handed over to the CBI as demanded by the JAC formed in connection with girl student’s death, the family of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School founder and principal has called for intervention of CSOs and public towards unearthing the truth about the incident.
According to a statement issued by school principal’s family, people of the state stood solidly behind the different agitations being launched by JAC Thangmeiband to unearth the truth about the school girl’s death. The JAC has been mounting pressure on the government to bring out the truth about the incident and even called bandhs with mass support. Post mortem and forensic investigation of Babysana’s body had been conducted twice but the JAC is still unsatisfied with both the reports, the statement noted. Referring to insistence of the JAC to hand over the case to CBI, it mentioned that the demand is also the desire of the school principal’s family.
Amidst the strong demand for handing over the case to CBI, it is questionable whether those jailed in connection with the case continue to be in prison based on social media posts and mob pressure, the statement said and urged CSOs and general public to decide on this matter while maintaining that it would be impossible to unearth the truth by one-sided trial. The family also drew attention of CSOs and people on finding a path to bring the truth about Babysana’s death case as desired by entire sections of people.
While questioning the renaming of ‘JAC against mysterious death of Babysana’ to ‘JAC against the murder of Babysana’, the statement asked as to what evidences have led to renaming of the agitating body. The family also demanded disclosure of evidences behind renaming of the JAC in the public domain while maintaining that the renaming of the JAC has misled the public. It also urged the state government and CSOs to unearth the truth/fake over renaming of the JAC.

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