MSF against Amit Shah push to make Hindi national language

IMPHAL, 16th Sep: Terming as unfortunate the Union Home minister Amit Shah’s push to impose Hindi as national language of India, Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) said the Constitution of India does not specify any particular language to be the national language.
Hindi is being spoken commonly in many parts of India but the push to make it national language indeed is a ploy to suppress 1635 other languages being preserved by small communities since time immemorial, MSF said in a statement and strongly condemned Amit Shah’s statement made during Hindi Diwas observance on September 14.
The attempt to impose Hindi as national language by the Union government is a big strategy to deprive younger generation of Manipur to discard Manipuri and this is condemnable, MSF said while clarifying that there is no ban on Hindi and the students’ organisation has no power to impose the ban. It also said that MSF honours existing laws of India but would never accept imposition of a particular language.
With the approval of 193-member nations of the United Nations, UNESCO has been observing International Mother Language Day every year on February 21 since 1999 to preserve over 7,000 languages spoken by small indigenous communities across the world. However, the present government at the Centre is trying to uproot history, tradition, culture, religion and language of smaller indigenous communities with its policy of ‘One nation, one religion, one language’.
While maintaining that there had been many attempts to uproot Meiteilon in different phases of Manipur’s history but it survived, MSF said that it is the responsibility of every section of Manipuri society to shoulder their responsibility in preserving Meiteilon which is the lingua-franca of not only of indigenous communities of the state but also for different communities inhabiting in the NE region. It then urged state government to take necessary steps to preserve and promote Meiteilon.

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