Thang-Ta Loishang celebrates foundation day

IMPHAL, 13th Sep: Thang-Ta Loishang Sana Konung celebrated its 3rd Foundation Day at Uttra Sanglen Sana Konung (Royal Palace) here Friday.
As part of the function, floral tributes were paid to the portraits of Thang-ta teachers.
Speaking at the occasion, Thang-Ta Loishang Sana Konung secretary Chungkham Sunilkumar highlighted that the organisation was set up to preserve the traditional martial art form of Manipur. At present, many are infusing their own ideas into the art form, which has led to differences in clothing, breaking of core rules, fusion with other martial arts and non-adherence of the teachers’ instructions by the students. As such, efforts should be made to teach the original, unmodified Thang-ta practised by the likes of Paona Brajabashi, Saikhom Chaoba and Longjamba Loma to students studying in Manipur Cultural University, he asserted.
Contending that teachers should carefully instruct the students regarding the practice of Thang-ta, Sunilkumar remarked that failure in this aspect has been observed since the time of kings. In addition, rules regarding Thang-ta clothing have been largely ignored. Thus, efforts are needed to rectify such wrong practices, he added.
He continued that if the current Thang-ta practices were improved, the society would improve, which would then improve the state and the country.
The benefits then reaped by the state would be shared by each person of the state. He then urged for documenting everything related to the martial art form from Thang-ta teachers for the sake of future generations to come.
Thang Ta Loishang Sana Konung president Th Ibohalbi Meitei, advisors RK Achouba, S Nodiya Mangang, Kh Daballo Khaba and H Bisarup attended the function as presidium members.

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