Decades old dismal trend still visible at Keirao school

IMPHAL11th Sep: Though the world is advancing towards a new era of science and technology, several schools in the state are still unable to cross the threshold from the practice evident several decades ago in the absence of government attention towards improving school education system.
The younger generation today would take it hard to believe if they are told that their parents or grandparents used to go to school taking a sack for sitting in classrooms. Unfortunately, students of Keirao Makting Junior High School are still practicing this decades old trend due to acute shortage of furniture apart from other facilities required for a school.
During an inspection visit at the school by members of All Round Development Organisation (ARDO) Keirao Makting and Keirao Makting Youth Club on Wednesday, the school was found in a dismal state with full of shortcomings in every aspect. Three classrooms were in their worst state while walls and ceilings of almost all the classrooms were broken.
According to ARDO sympathiser MI Khan, the school should have at least 50 pairs of desk and bench but there are only 10 pairs. As such, students are still practicing the decades-old trend of bringing mats or sacks as their seating arrangement from home in order to attend class. Some years ago, the school used to have student strength of over 300 but lack of attention from the government in improving infrastructure and frequent transfer of teachers without sending substitutes has marred the functioning of the school, thus resulting in significant decline in student enrolment.
Located at a distance of around 10 km from Imphal city, the school was established in 1976. Against the sanctioned post of 13 teaching staff, the school had only four teachers for several years. Only recently, one more teacher was posted there after much pressure to the ZEO concerned. But the addition of one more teacher is not a breather for the school; as three of the five teachers are set to retire in December this year and it will worsen the condition even more in the next session unless the education department takes up necessary measures to fill up the vacant posts soon.
Triggered by the fear of possible extinction of the school, local people are diverting their attention towards the school with the target of increasing the student enrolment to 400 in the 2020 academic session. However, success of their efforts lies in the hands of the government as attracting students to the school will require sincere commitment of the government in improving infrastructure as well as filling up the required teaching staff at the earliest.
The local people are hoping that the education department would take up immediate necessary measures to salvage the situation of the school and bring improvement so as to provide affordable and quality education to the people of the area, MI Khan said.

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