Commoners lead to help Malsom fight hydrocephalus

CORRESPONDENT KANGPOKPI, 11th Sep: Poor people of Kangpokpi Monday showed the world that humanity and love are still alive as they came forward and donated their meagre earning to help Malsom, a Hydrocephalus patient from T Waichong village, who is undergoing treatment at Gurgaon’s Fortis Hospital.

Daily bread earners, including vegetable vendors, bus drivers, handymen, auto drivers, card pullers, porters, habitual drinkers, passersby, small shopkeepers rushed in to the donation box carried in an auto-rickshaw to contribute for the poor boy. In a disheartening scene, very few rich people come forward to make their contributions while most of the well-to-do people just glanced at the campaign photo and turned back.

Haosanglen Malsom Kipgen celebrated his first birthday in the national capital not because he is an important person but due to his potentially fatal condition, which brought him to the national capital just a day ahead of his birthday on September 5.

Malsom Kipgen, who is suffering from the Hydrocephalus, becomes the second person among Kuki community of Manipur to be discovered with the condition after Seiminsang Mimin Kipgen.

Help People in Need (HELPIN) immediately swung into action right after a local journalist exposed Malsom's case in the local dailies and brought him to New Delhi along with his mother on September 5, where Dr Sandeep Vaisya, who treated Roona Begum for almost 5 years, would be treating him.

Dr Sandeep told the HELPIN members to immediately admit the child for surgery but owing to financial problem they could not admit the Hydrocephalus boy till today for which the donation drive was conducted at Kangpokpi DHQs.

The monetary donation drive was initiated by HELPIN in collaboration with Kanggui Youth Union and Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organisation.
Thanks to the daily earners of Kangpokpi DHQs, the donation drive was able to make an amount of Rs 30,100 in just three hours.

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