Online poll moots alcohol legalisation in Ukhrul

UKHRUL, 30th Jun: Regardless of the continued prohibition on consumption and sale of alcohol, black marketing of local made liquor 'Khor' is continuing unabated in the district. While some seem to have a vested interest in the current trend, many conscientious denizens of the district have voiced for legalisation of alcohol, along with stringent measures to regulate its quality and price to put an end to the black marketing. According to an online poll conducted by a Facebook group 'Save Tangkhul', majority of the participants opted for legalisation of alcohol in the district though a negligible number of people expressed that they have no problem with the black marketing. Of the total number of 512 votes polled till Sunday, 490 voted for legalisation of alcohol by strictly regulating its quality and price while the remaining 22 votes wanted the black marketing of the local made liquor to continue without any control over quality and price of the stuff. Some others were indifferent in their comments on the poll while others showed sarcasm, saying that the district has little chance of overhauling the situation as the whole state is unable to rid of the 'dry state' tag.

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