NEIDP hardsells regional party; dubs BJP, Cong exploiters

IMPHAL, 12th Apr: NEIDP has called upon the people of the state to support regional party in order to bring prosperity, development and tranquility in the state.
The party organised political conferences for its inner candidate RK Anand at Tera Keithel and Langei in Nongpok Sanjenbam on Friday.
While addressing the conferences, the party’s CWC advisor Dr Dhanabir Laishram said that the state has been under the rule of parties from Delhi for the last 70 years and the central leaders of these parties never want prosperity for their followers. Unless the situation is changed, children of the state will someday lift potato sacks instead of school bags on their back.
NEIDP emerges as a saviour of the state and it will protect the resources, identity and interest of the state and its people. National parties only want to exploit the resources of the state for their own gains and would do nothing significant for the state. No national parties will stand for the resources of the state and they will exploit the indigenous population while NEIDP will stand firm against such exploitation, he maintained.
Dr Dhanabir observed that the emerging situation in the state has put the existence of indigenous people in grave danger and a strong regional party with true commitment to the cause of protection of the state is the need of the hour. Only a strong government of regional party can bring true development in the state, he said while asking all to avoid a future where the children of the state with trickles of tears wait for pieces of breads thrown out of trains. It is the responsibility of the present generation to bring about a safe and prosperous future for the future generation where the people can easily afford foods even if their price is high, which could only be realised by supporting NEIDP, he added.
NEIDP CWC vice-president S Manaobi alias Khoiranthaba said that both Congress and BJP are like bubbles. At the same time, CPI is fighting its last battle to maintain its existence in the state. Considering the grim future the state would inevitably face, a strong candidate who could shout for the people of the state is the need of the hour, he said. Congress rule created rifts between hills and valley while the new BJP government created several issues. The state will be burnt in an uncontrollable inferno as long as the two national parties continue to rule the state.
Both parties always create major issues in the state and NEIDP is the only party which can salvage the state from destruction, he added.
Party’s CWC president N Samarjit, vice-president Sapam Kunjakeshwar, state unit president Dr Ng Bijoy, inner candidate RK Anand and other party leaders also attended the conferences.

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