Anti-Muslim video clip not by BJP: Md Salam Khan

IMPHAL, 12th Apr: BJP Manipur Pradesh Minority Morcha president Md Salam Khan has denied any links between BJP and an anti-Muslim video currently being circulated on social media platforms.
Addressing a press conference at the BJP’s office at Nityaipat Chuthek here Friday, Md Salam said that BJP has nothing to do with all the communal hate videos currently circulating on social media platforms.
Condemning the persons responsible, the president appealed to the people to remain vigilant against any such attempts to cause communal disharmony. He further appealed to the state government to find out and initiate strict legal action against the culprits.
Commenting on one such clipping, which alleged that BJP president Amit Shah of trying to convert all Muslims in the country into Hindus, Md Salam asked the government to award befitting punishments to those responsible.
BJP media coordinator Jyotin Waikhom, who also attended the press conference, said that although INC credits itself for achieving India’s independence, Mahatma Gandhi had announced the dissolution of INC after independence.
“India achieved independence because of the joint movement of its citizens. However, Congress continues to ignore this fact and still claims credit even to this day”, he contended.
Responding to Congress’ question on why border fencing for Indo-Myanmar border is delayed compared to Kashmir border, Jyotin explained that border fencing is done as per the threat perception level of national security. As Pakistan is a huge threat to India, border fencing is necessary in Kashmir sector. As such, Congress should refrain from taking political advantage on sensitive issues such as this, he asserted. He further stated Congress should not be upset to see/hear former members berating it, as they are only pointing out the mistakes and flaws of Congress. Congress would do well to remember that Nagaland achieved statehood before Manipur because of its negligence, Jyotin remarked. BJP Manipur Pradesh Minority Morcha vice president Md Suleiman Shah also attended the press conference.

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