Hysteria in Patsoi over sudden land elevation

IMPHAL, 13th Mar: A sudden rise of land surface by 5 feet at two paddy fields of Wahengbam Mamang Loukol in Patsoi Part-2, Imphal West District has been causing mass hysteria amongst the locals.
The one-sangam wide paddy field belonging to a person from Taobungkhok and one-lourak wide paddy field belonging to Ashangbam Mani Singh of Patsoi Part-2, rose to a height of 5 feet, measuring 20 feet in width and 80 feet in length within a span of 10 days.
A sanabak maril (a local canal) and a brickyard are located on the northern side of the paddy fields. As no such phenomenon had occurred in the region before, the sudden rise of land surface caused mass hysteria amongst the locals and thus, various rituals were performed to pacify the Gods, as per beliefs.
Speaking to media persons in this regard, Mani informed that he had been cultivating crops in his paddy field for a long time. However, the land surface in his field slowly rose, following the cleaning works undertaken at sanabak maril 10 days ago, he recalled.
As there were beliefs that the said area was sacred, he consulted with local maibas (shamans) and performed prayers/rituals. Nonetheless, the land is still rising and as such, has raised concerns about what would happen if the bulging earth were removed. Thus, he appealed to the authorities concerned to look into the matter and help ascertain the cause/origin of the rise.
Stating that a professor of Earth Science Department of Manipur University had likened the event to that of a similar happening at Khongjom, Mani conveyed that the professor had hypothesised that the land could have risen along the softer and weaker agricultural land area, owing to intense pressure given out by the nearby brickyard over the surface area.

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