CAB intended to uproot entire NE indigenes: UNLF

IMPHAL, 8th Feb: On the occasion of 32nd birth anniversary of its armed wing Manipur People’s Army (MPA) which falls on February 9, the proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has sent out revolutionary greetings to all the indigenous people of Manipur.
On the occasion, outfit’s Military Affairs Committee (MAC) which directs and command MPA also sent out a message to the people of Manipur.
MPA is now able to fight Indian forces as a result of people’s unflinching support and sincere participation to revolutionary movement, the message of the MAC issued by its chairman Khundongbam Pambei said and thanked the people of Manipur for their support and endorsement.
Around 70 years back, India completely occupied all the nation states of WESEA or North East as called by India and administrative structure of the region changed due to reactionary administration of administrators of all states of the region in collusion with India.
This prolonged reactionary administration also subdues the opportunity for all states of the region to unite and form an independent nation.
The entire WESEA region including Manipur is now on fire due to India government’s attempt to implement Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 with an intention.
In fact, this fire was already set by India around 70 years back during 1947-49 when India forcibly occupied all nation states of the region, entire people of WESEA region now felt threatened of their existence and restless over the imminent danger.
From India’s point of view, entire WESEA region is a threat to the country due to difference in orgin, identity, race and unique history the region had since time immemorial disassociated with history of mainland India, Pambei said in his message while adding that India fully understood that Mongoloid stock of people inhabiting in the region could never be clubbed into Indian system.
Obviously due to this position, India fears that the region would one day separate from the country and become an independent nation. To avert this situation and to completely assimilate WESEA region into their system, India brings out CAB to uproot entire indigenous people of the region. In the developing situation, a question arises as to whether indigenous people of WESEA region challenge India for survival or be allowed to uproot the indigenes completely from the surface of the globe, Pambei posed and called upon every Manipuri and WESEA people to take a firm decision to defeat India’s nefarious policy.
According to Pambei, the extraordinary outlook India had towards WESEA region is two-pronged. First, India looks to completely dominate the region by people following Hindu faith by bringing in illegal overseas immigrants and to device a formula to suppress revolutionary movement. The easiest way to achieve their objective is homogenisation by increasing Hindu population in the region. India is deeply concerned over conversion of Hindus settling in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur to Christianity and Indian leaders also believe that independence struggle in the region would die a natural death if homogenisation process is successful. When Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 gets implemented, Hindu population in the region would be increased in terms of millions just in one night and increasing number of Hindus from neighbouring countries would flood the WESEA region in the next ten years or so and this Bill will pose biggest threat to the region, Pambei observed and stressed the need for entire indigenous people of the region to fearlessly fight against the Bill.
From the military point of view, India wants to keep WESEA region as a permanent fortress as part of its efforts to become global nuclear power and in view of China’s strength and courage. India’s strategy to deal revolutionary groups of WESEA region politically and not militarily have also changed now after facing insurgency movement for the past 60 years, Pambei said adding that India had taken a decision to permanently deploy its forces in WESEA region while sensing that insurgency movement in the region would not end. Apart from this, India is investing huge money for building and road construction and in the form of military civic action programme to win hearts and minds of people to cover up their past mistakes killings and torture of innocent civilians. To counter multi-pronged strategies of Indian forces, MPA and other revolutionaries need a fight and it is bounded duty of every revolutionary to evict Indian forces who serve as a wall of India’s suppressive regime in the region.
Further, the MPA chairman also extended revolutionary salute to all the fallen revolutionaries and revolutionary honour to all those who suffer at the hands of Indian forces.

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