Gaikhangam: Biren acting like most learned person

IMPHAL, 7th Feb: Reacting to the statement of chief minister N Biren, who asked the public to peruse if the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill would affect the state or not, MPCC president Gaikhangam has enquired BJP why it went to Delhi to pursue the matter if it is sure that the Bill will not affect the state.
Addressing media persons on Thursday, Gaikhangam said that people in the entire northeast states are protesting against the Bill as its impact on the indigenous population of the region is imminent once it is enacted. State cabinets of Mizoram, Nagaland and Meghalaya have already taken resolutions against the Bill and conveyed the same to the Centre. However, the BJP government in Manipur is still saying that the Bill will not affect the state at all, Gaikhangam said while questioning the motive of the Biren government.
Despite the opinions of legal experts and intellectuals of the state, who clearly stated about the possible impacts of CAB, chief minister Biren is speaking like he is the most learned person in the state and the rest illiterate. Such statements from the CM tantamount to complete disregard of the legal experts and academicians, the AICC CWC member said.
He further asked BJP why it went to Delhi if it believes that the Bill will not affect the state. In the light of the CM’s statement, BJP should clarify if it went to the national capital to support the Bill or oppose it, Gaikhangam demanded.
Pointing out that the government represents the people and it should always represent the people in any matter, he demanded the Biren government to stop misleading the public. The recent visit of BJP to the national capital and CM’s statement in support of the Bill contradict one another and public should introspect reason for such ambiguous stand on the issue, he said.
The former deputy chief minister also said that Congress has been raising voices against the Bill right from the moment when it was introduced in the Parliament for the first time. Till today, CLP team is staying at Delhi meeting leaders of different political parties seeking their support for defeating the Bill. Since the BJP government has been known for turning around from its assurances, there is no surety that the central government will not table the Bill in Rajya Sabha. Even if it is not listed in the business list of the upper house of parliament, there are strong possibilities of BJP tabling the Bill in the last hour when most of the opposition members leave the House in order to pass it without any strong opposition. Even if they could not pass the Bill in Rajya Sabha, there are strong possibilities of the NDA government implementing it in the form of ordinance in a bid to retain power in the Centre, he maintained.
Stating that the NDA government has firm stand to pass the Bill at any cost, Gaikhangam stressed the need for sustained movement by the whole northeast until the matter is resolved.

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