Undesired confusion over CAB movement

CIRCULATION of false rumour would be the last thing people of Manipur would expect at such a critical juncture when the state remains in the grip of high tension ever since the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed by the Lok Sabha. With various organisations continuing to resort to different forms of agitation; though peacefully till date, against the Bill there is strong apprehension of the otherwise tense but tranquil environment getting out of hand and the public movement taking an unprecedented turn. Amid such uneasy calm, it seems that some disruptive elements, rumour mongers in particular, are trying to play mischief with the public sentiment through use of the social media as could be comprehended from curious public seeking to confirm report about whether organisations formed to protest the Bill have given bandh or shutdown call. It was exactly on this premise that MANPAC, which is a conglomerate of civil society organisations, issued a statement to clarify for all concerned that no bandh/strike has been called. The common people could not be blamed for getting inquisitive as they are the ones who suffer the most when normal chores take a hit whenever sensitive issues crop up. It is mainly due to lack of cohesion among the CSOs of the state which are opposed to the Bill that has been creating confusion among the masses. The situation at hand merits that all the organisations remain firm and united to take collective decisions for launching concerted movement to defy any policy that is detrimental to interest of the indigenes.
It needs no repetition that civil society organisations of Manipur have been taking the leading role to thwart all devilish agenda – be it from groups averse to the idea of state’s unity or orchestrated by government machinery. As all sane organisations have been striving to work collectively towards achieving the common goal of peace and development, it is equally important that at this critical juncture the various pressure groups active in the state put aside their differences to be more effective in their endeavours for upholding interest of the indigenous communities. While existence of these CSOs give Manipur the advantage to face all adversary forces, absence of cohesion amongst the civil societies or student’s bodies will definitely dilute the public movement. Moreover, unilateral decisions and activities by these organisations will only deepen mistrust in a state like Manipur which is home to multiple ethnic communities. With various sensitive issues, including those centring on ethnic considerations tending to periodically crop up in the state, CSOs have a major role to play in providing a common platform for the parties in dispute to iron out their differences for bringing early and amicable solution to any issue. Whenever any crisis situation envelops the state, it is the CSO leaders who make the first move to understand genesis of the conflicts and try to find solution, as such the current Bill issue entails that the organisations back each another in order to compel the Centre to scrap the proposed legislation, which on enactment will be the greatest threat to survival of all the indigenes.

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