9 political parties unite against CAB

IMPHAL, 15th Jan: Denouncing Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), 2016, nine political parties organised a people’s convention and later took out a protest march against the bill here Tuesday.
Speaking at the convention jointly organised by CPI, CPI (M), RSP, Forward Block, AAP, NPP, NCP, PRJA, BSP and JD (S), national executive member of CPI Dr M Nara ridiculed the claim made by the BJP led coalition government in the state that Manipur will not be affected by CAB and that Manipur People’s Bill will be implemented prior to passing of CAB by the Rajya Sabha. The claim is made only to divert the issue and suppress the movement, he added. Dr Nara recounted that in 2001 the whole of Manipur protested against the inclusion of the controversial phrase “without territorial limit” in the cease fire agreement signed between the BJP government and NSCN (IM). After realising that such uprising of the people cannot be suppressed easily, the central leader removed the phrase, he said and observed that there have always been atrocities whenever BJP is in power.
The CPI national executive member contended that the BJP led coalition government is trying to impose a communal and religion based bill and asserted that the hidden agenda of the BJP trying to implement forcefully is to create vote banks for the party for the upcoming LS poll.
While asking if there is any leader of BJP who can refute the idea that CAB is a political ploy of the saffron party for vote bank, Dr Nara further affirmed that CPI and the other political parties will never accept the bill which considers Muslims as enemies and would grant citizenship to non-Muslim foreigners if they have stayed in India for at least six years whether legally or not. The CAB is a strategy to retain power by the BJP, he alleged.
The claim made by Manipur government that Manipur will be exempted from the bill, which is to be enforced in whole India, is an impossible task, Dr Nara observed and conveyed that the nine political parties are urging the government to convene a special assembly session for taking a clear cut stand of the state.
Dr Nara, who stressed that people should never believe false promise and arbitrary claims of the BJP led coalition government, demanded the government to clearly show that CAB will not affect Manipur by following proper legal procedures if they want to silence the people. In Tuesday’s convention, participants emphasised on convening an assembly session at the earliest so as to take a clear cut stand of the state on CAB.
Later, the participants took out a mass rally from GM hall. However, they were halted by the police in front of GM hall gate. After an understanding was reached between the two sides, people marched up to the western gate of Kangla and culminated at GM hall. Slogans like “We denounce CAB”, “Down Down BJP”, etc. were shouted by protesters during the rally.

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