Centre considers NE people ‘sub-class’ citizens: UCM

IMPHAL, 10th Jan: Considering the people of North East as ‘sub-class’ citizens, the BJP government at the Centre forcibly passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 as part of its ploy to suppress and uproot indigenous people of the region.
The forcible passage of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 despite stiff opposition from the people of North East has exposed the hidden agenda of Union government. This Bill when it becomes an Act will allow the Centre to push foreigners living in different parts of country into the region as part of the ploy to uproot indigenous people of the region, stated United Committee Manipur (UCM) general secretary Khuraijam Athouba while addressing media persons at its Lamphelpat office here Thursday.
According to Athouba, people of NE region have been raising voices and some groups are even waging war against India’s wrong policies after entire states of the region merged into the country. In order to completely suppress and uproot those who are raising voices against the Centre, the step to push in foreigners to the region is being initiated and forcibly passed the CAB despite stiff opposition from chief ministers, political parties and people of the region. The forcible passage of CAB also revealed that Centre considers people of NE as ‘sub-class’ citizens, Athouba said, adding that time has come for entire indigenous people in the region to stand united and fight together.
While observing that historical, political, ethnic and cultural identities of people of the North East would be uprooted if the CAB in the Lok Sabha is also in the Rajya Sabha, the UCM leader also said this would allow the Union government to act freely against the will of NE people.
The once self-sufficient Manipur is now relying on others for food due to India’s suppressive policies and there is no let up to extract natural resources of the state after completing the suppression, Athouba said, adding that conditions of the people would be worse when the CAB becomes an Act.
The UCM functionary also said that entire indigenous people of the NE need to unite at this juncture while setting aside differences for collectively fighting India’s suppressive policies.

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