‘JNIMS becomes first in state to treat Aplastic Anaemia successfully’

IMPHAL, 8th Jan: JNIMS has become the first hospital in the state to have successfully treated a 10-year old boy who had been diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, a rare and serious health condition.
Briefing media persons in this regard, JNIMS Director Th Bhimo conveyed that around 13 people including 3 minors who are diagnosed with the condition are currently undergoing treatment at JNIMS. Most patients are from poor families and as such, they are being treated under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Earlier, patients used to incur heavy expenses in treating the condition after going outside the state but they now can get the treatment in the state itself without huge medical expenses, he added.
Referring to the case of the 10-year old patient, the director said that the boy hailed from Churachandpur District and was unable to get proper treatment due to financial constraints. However, under the sponsorship of Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the boy is now being treated by Dr Irom Anil, Assistant Professor in Department of Medicine and also the first Haemato-oncologist of Manipur. Profesoor N Kameshwor (Paediatrician) and senior residents of Haematology Dr K Surjit (in-charge Blood Blank), Dr Rakesh (Anaesthesiologist) and Dr RK Banashree (Haematopathologist) also joined Dr Anil in the treatment.
Stating the team of doctors was able to successfully treat the child due to their hard work, Bhimo also credited the success to the government’s centrally sponsored scheme for poor patients.
With regard to the condition, Dr Irom Anil said that Aplastic Anaemia develops when damage to bone marrow slows or shuts down production of new blood cells. Symptoms of the condition are fatigue, infections and uncontrolled bleeding. Treatment may include Bone marrow transplant; using combinations of Antithymocyte Globulin (ATG) and Cyclosporine or Cyclosporine and Androgen and blood transfusions. Presently 13 patients including 3 children with the condition are being treated at JNIMS.
Dr Anil recalled that the 10-year old boy was admitted to JNIMS with high fever, fatigue and uncontrolled bleeding from mouth and nose and was diagnosed with the condition in September last year. Due to lack of finances for a bone marrow transplant, the patient was advised to use ATG, which costs around Rs 3 Lakh. However, as the family lacks finances for ATG as well, he was treated with Cyclosporine and Androgen combination till date.
By December, the boy’s health improved and he showed no signs of fatigued or any uncontrolled bleeding. The boy was then treated with ATG combination for four days from December 21 under the sponsorship of Ayushman Bharat Scheme, he conveyed.
Informing that it is the first case in the state wherein an Aplastic Anaemia patient has been treated successfully with ATG combination, Dr Anil said that improvements in a patient’s health could be seen within three weeks. The boy would be able to return to normal life after his condition fully improves, he added.

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