CorCom boycotts PM’s visit, calls total shutdown

IMPHAL, 2nd Jan: The conglomerate of insurgent groups operating in Manipur, the Coordination Committee (CorCom), said there is nothing to expect from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Manipur on January 4 and his visit would not bring any good for the people.
Rather, Narendra Modi’s visit would only strengthen India’s supressive regime in Manipur and to falsely project to the world that Manipur is inseperable part of India, CorCom said in a statement issued by its publicity committee and declared total shutdown on January 4 effective from 1am till Narendra Modi leaves Manipur.
According to the CorCom statement issued by media coordinator LeibaakNgakpa Luwang, India annexed Manipur on October 15, 1949 after the then Manipur king Bodhachandra was forced to sign Manipur Merger Agreement on September 21, 1949. Since then India has not taken up any appreciative work for the welfare of the people except enacting suppressive and divisive polices.
While recalling that India signed Instrument of Accession with Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir, the CorCom statement said India granted autonomy to Jammu & Kashmir except on three points including defence and special provisions under Article 370 and 35A. However, despite having over 2000 years of written history and an Asiatic Sovereign State (Kangleipak), Manipur was put under Part-C state after signing Instrument of Accession and then to Union Territory and finally to state which was quite contradictory to the special status given to Jammu & Kashmir. It has always been irreparable loss for Manipur after India annexed it and the erstwhile Asiatic Sovereign State is now converted into India’s captive market and people of the land are forced to rely on Indian products instead of striving to take the path of progress/development.
Even after the colonial British left, India continues with divide and rule policy separating indigenous peoples inhabiting Manipur since time immemorial into and hills and valley. India is also using all means to suppress the revolutionary movement being launched to regain the lost sovereignty of Manipur, the CorCom said and further accused the Central government of trying to convert Manipur as a Hindu land by suppressing and uprooting least populous indigenous peoples. The proscribed outfit further maintained that India continues to consider Manipur and WESEA region as border post to safeguard its territory and has not taken up any significant steps for self-sustenance of the region.
While asserting that the present NDA government led by Narendra Modi is no exception to the past governments of different parties that only devices policies to strengthen India’s suppressive regime and cheated people of Manipur, the CorCom appealed to the people of Manipur to collectively boycott the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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