Land allotted to 62 affected by Government eviction drive

IMPHAL, 30th Dec: The 62 landless families who were evicted from the forest land of Kshetri Bengoon Mamang Ching by the state government on June 2 were allotted land free of cost for construction of houses at a function held at Kshetri Bengoon Yangbi Mamang, Gurupat (Babumacha Khul) on Sunday.
Speaking as chief guest at the event organised by the Sheikh Babumacha Memorial Trust, consul general of India, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Md Noor Rahman Sheikh conveyed that he was in Saudi Arabia at the time of eviction and was very saddened to hear about large number of families rendered homeless.
Though eviction from a place where one had been living for so many years is heart-wrenching experience it is essential one has to follow law of the land, he observed.
As the only solution for those families who had lost their homes and hearth is to ensure that they get a plot of land for resettlement and build their new homes, Noor Rahman said he decided to visit Manipur and discuss the matter of allotting land with due consultation with the trustees and elders.
Conveying gratitude to all concerned to lending support to humanitarian cause, he stressed that as all humane gestures and endeavours are helpful to many underprivileged section of the society, wealthy persons need to be more charitable.
Whatever one donates, God will definitely give more in return, he reasoned, and called upon the all sections of the society to have faith in God.
“Let us all shed away parochial mind-set and work for betterment and of the society”, Rahman said and declared that children of the eviction affected families will also be given free education at Princeton International School.
Delivering the keynote address, social worker Noorul Hassan remarked that the JAC has been taking care of the landless families of the eviction drive by opening relief camps for them. And with the public support, 62 of these families including landless families who are settling at Kshetri Iril Mapal have been provided land for building houses, he noted with reference to Sunday’s event.
Sheikh Babumacha Memorial Trust purchased 3.10 hectare (approx.) land under the guidance of his father and trustee Md Nur Muhammad for allotment of the plot to the landless, Noorul said, who also declared that the site will be known as Babumacha Khul.
All the beneficiaries were allotted .3 acres of land each, he informed.
While stating that Kshetrigao assembly segment has substantial population of three ethnic communities namely Meitei, Muslim and Kabui, he also announced that in case of the eviction drives conducted by the government in future, those affected by the government policy will be extended help by the trust. He expressed elation that the evicted families now can build and live in their own houses.
The programme was also attended by Sheikh Babumacha Memorial Trust chairman Md Nur Muhammad, Kshetrigao ZP Md Najirul Islam, Kshetrigao Part 1 pradhan Fazlur Rahman, Kshetrigao Part 2 pradhan Abdus Quddus, Siraj Ahmed Quasmi; Jamait- Ulema Manipur president Sayeed Ahmaed, special contractor Nasir Shah and Md Abdullah.

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