Hill-valley rapport due to BJP-IM tacit deal: Loken

IMPHAL, 30th Dec: Nambol MLA and MPCC vice-president N Loken said that the repeated claim of improving hill-valley ties made by BJP is nothing but a mask to hide the party’s understanding with NSCN-IM.
Addressing a reconsolidation function of Congress workers of Heingang assembly constituency held at the residence of MPCC member P Saratchandra at Heingang on Sunday, Loken said that the ability to penetrate in the hill areas by the current government shows how the party running the government has an understanding with NSCN-IM.
On the other hand, NSCN-IM sees Congress as its enemy since the party stood firmly against the objective of the UG group, which threatens the integrity, unity and territory of the state, he claimed. Such situation often resulted in disturbances in government projects in hill areas and violent protests against those in the government. Frontal organisations under the clutch of NSCN-IM often created turmoil in the state by imposing long blockades on the national highways.
But today, the frequent blockades on national highways have stopped right after BJP came to power despite discontentment of the blockade sponsors. Such situation corroborates suspicion about nexus between BJP and NSCN-IM, the Nambol representative maintained. Despite the claim that hill valley ties were never good during Congress rule as made by BJP, the former government had good relationship with the public. Only those close to the NSCN-IM were the ones that stood against the Congress government, he said. Loken further said that BJP should never forget the fact that Congress got more votes than they did in the last election.
Reacting against the assurance made by chief minister during a function at Lilong, Loken said that the government is facing fiscal deficit at the juncture and it has not been able to release local area development funds of the MLAs. In such situation, releasing Rs 112 crore for various projects only for Lilong assembly constituency is nothing but a lie to woo voters, he claimed while adding that the BJP government in the state might fall before the Lok Sabha election’s results are declared. He also demanded the government to clarify the account head, from which the fund would be sanctioned.
At the same time, it is rather funny for BJP to boast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to announce several projects during his January 4 visit. It would be over optimistic for the people to believe such promises from a person and his government, who could not even translate the assurance made five years ago before the last Lok Sabha election.
With the Go to Village mission, ministers and MLAs as well as government officials are indulging themselves in works, which were used to be carried out by pradhans, zila parishad members and ward members. The only thing the BJP government could do what the Congress government could not are the construction of women’s market complexes in hill districts, which too were constructed with loans from NEC but without any package or assistance from the Centre, he contended.
In his address, Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan said that several political leaders are leaving either BJP or its allies to join Congress and the trend shows how members of BJP and its allies are losing faith upon the government. He then asked Heingang Block Congress Committee not to get disheartened saying that BJP is an ailing party having any cure and it will automatically wither soon. Maintaining that BJP has a strong policy of media exposure, he said that the party is always trying to show off its hollow achievements. But on the other hand, Congress does not indulge in media advertisement and it believes in action rather than words. Hollow words without action will not win the race in the long run, he said.
Congress will appreciate good works of the government but will not remain silent over its failed governance. Every time Congress speaks something against BJP, one or another spokesperson of the party hastily issue series of unrelated statements to the media on the very next day. However, the party has not been able to answer any question raised by Congress till date, he added.
MPCC member from Heingang AC Pangeijam Saratchandra said that the meet was convened to reorganise the Congress workers in the whole constituency so that the party could fight and defeat BJP in the upcoming elections.

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