Clarion call given to unmask pseudo meira paibis

IMPHAL, 29th Dec: All Manipur Women's Social Reformation and Development Samaj (Nupi Samaj) observed the 38th Meira Paibi Houdokhiba (formation) Numit at Ima Khunthokhanbi Shanglen, DM College campus here Saturday.
Commencing the observance by offering floral tributes to portraits of departed women activists, UCM president Sunil Karam remarked that many facets of Meira Paibis (women vigilantes), including those which have deviated from expected lines, could be seen and experienced presently.
Appealing to all concerned to preserve the power and dignity of the Meira movement, he also stressed the need for unmasking those ‘agents’ who are taking advantages by posing as a Meira Paibi.
Recalling the efforts of women folk in saving the men and the society from the influence and ill effects of substance abuse during 1972-75, he stated that the period marked the emergence of Nishabandi Movement, in which Nupi Samaj had played a pivotal role. However, the struggles of the mothers at that time magnified immediately after AFSPA was enforced in the state. Crimes against women increased while many men went missing at the hands of security forces, he recounted.
As such, the mothers held up torches in their hands and came out to save the women in the 1980s. Although AFSPA is yet to be repealed from the state, the mothers of Manipur have been working tirelessly to bring about a peaceful atmosphere in the state, he noted.
Sunil Karam continued that despite the emergence of many civil bodies to restore peace in the state, Manipur continues to face new issues cropping up every day. Law enforcement agencies in the state behave as if they are above the law, instead of enforcing the law at the appropriate time and place. Even though it is wrong on the part of the government to detain journalist Keshorchandra under NSA, it would have been wise on his part if he had refrained from using unparliamentary language while executing his right to freedom of expression, the president observed.
In her speech, Nupi Samaj president Thokchom Ramani Leima recalled that on December 29, 1980 security forces wrongly framed and arrested Ibomcha, Dabhallo and Inaocha of Heirangoithong. Out of the trio, the army handed over two of them to the local police and took one away. Meira Paibi Houdokhiba Numit, thus, marks the day when the mothers rescued the innocent man from the clutches of the Army. Therefore, the day is observed annually to commemorate that event and to remind the younger generations about the role of Meira Paibi, she added.
Acknowledging that involvement of Meira Paibi activists in politics has weakened the movement, the president remarked that for the torch, it holds no difference. She further said that random indulgence in drugs and substance abuse is one of the reasons for women being raped by their male relatives and emphasised that time has come for the government to take some serious actions to effectively ban sale and use of drugs and other intoxicants.
Ramani also regretted that many localities are brewing liquor for profits, aside from religious purposes. Nonetheless, Nupi Samaj will continue to tackle all issue head on, she affirmed.
AMKIL president Phanjoubam Sakhi; All Manipur Tammi CHingmi Apunba Nupi Lup president Soibam Momon Leima; Kabui Mothers’ Association president G Atonngpi Kameipui; Khunthokhanbi Meira Paibi advisor Thongbam Thagoisana and Anti-Social Preventive Organisation president Ahamadi Begum also attended the observance function.

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